Dear Kellyanne Conway,

Not that there’s anything wrong with trailer parks, but so I can understand your background, I have to ask, is that where you were raised? Probably not, because if you were I imagine someone would have slapped you on the side of your head and told you to get your damn shoes off the couch…sharp heeled shoes on a light colored sofa at that. Even if these are your new Ivanka shoes that you purchased on clearance, you do not put them on furniture—ever.I beg to differ with this tweet. This is basic diplomacy. Most cultures, such as the Japanese, remove shoes before entering a house, and in other cultures, such as Arab, showing the sole of your shoe is an insult. Even in my own filthy home, no one puts their shoes on my sofa—it’s disrespectful.

She was trying to get a picture, okay Mr Dreyfuss. If she is employed in a new capacity as the official White House photographer perhaps she should dress accordingly. 

Listen, I am first and foremost a mother. The moment my children’s neck muscles allowed it, I taught them how to sit. It is essential that you consider what you are wearing before deciding on a sitting position.

If you are wearing a skirt be aware of how much you are exposing.

And I am not being sexist in this post, because I extend the same reminder to men.

Kellyanne, it has been argued that you are bat shit crazy, is that the reason you sit the way you do?  You will never be invited to meet the queen if you don’t learn how to sit. The queen made that mistake once.

You are not in pre-school, you are in a big girl job, wearing big girl clothes. Learn how to sit properly.

Yours with all the respect I can muster,


6 thoughts on “Dear Kellyanne Conway,

  1. So, men really don’t wear anything under their kilts?? Am I naive for just realizing this? Oh, and Kellyanne, stop sitting like an ill-mannered teenager texting her bestie while her dad entertains guests. America thanks you in advance.

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  2. White trash is what I think when I see this picture and the facts that many Presidents of HBCU colleges happened to be African American invited to visit the President at that time, show how shecfelt about them too.

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