Starbucks didn’t have holiday spice for the coffee she (let’s call her Magi) had already paid for. One of the baristas (Mary?) went to who knows where (possibly Bethlehem) to locate some of the elusive spice (Myrh?) 

Twenty minutes passed…meanwhile she should already have been at work. Word came from who knows who (Joseph?) that there was no holiday spice to be had this morning…no they were not kidding, there was no holiday spice for her Holiday Spice White Coffee. She demanded a refund, which meant she had to wait ten more minutes for someone (Jesus?) who had the authority to refund her (gold?). Those people were moving so slowly that they must have been high on something. (can you smoke Frankincense?) 

To be honest, listening to my co-worker lament her morning beverage misfortune for eight hours was the distraction I needed to abide by my work day. There is nothing like a family health crisis to clarify priorities. The wellbeing of people I love tops my list. Coffee is not important…not even Starbucks Holiday Spice Flat White.

December 10, 2016, 

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