Cubs Win! What’s Left?

As is evidenced in this viral photo of Bill Murray, emotions ran high last night. Today hungover Cubs fans everywhere are trying to process what happened. “When the Cubs win the World Series” has long been synonymous with “When Hell freezes over.” So now what? Where do we go from here? What is there left to hope for? 

Now that the Cubs have actually won the World Series, I’m worried that another sign of the apocalypse is upon us…yes, I am worried that despite everything he’s done and said, Donald Trump could actually win the presidential election. (Here I go again.) He could end up with the power to change if not end the world. We’ll know in five days.

Looking at this photo I wonder where are the “Blacks for Trump”? I don’t see any. Shouldn’t one of them be holding the sign? Does anyone else think this photo lacks sincerity?


November 3, 2016 Daily Prompt: Sincere~ <a href=””>Sincere</a&gt;

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