The Future of My Blog

Prior to the election, this blog had the dynamic of “diary of a dysfunctional family”– consisting of a divorced woman with three teens. Since two of my three offspring had gone off to school, I worried that I might be forced to write exclusively about my son, the one left behind, thus giving him many hours of couch material to use against me in his future adult-life therapy sessions. 

The sun came out, when perfect timing offered me this presidential election— something I could not ignore. And that is the story of how my blog became focused on politics– that and the fact that I’m pretty sure Donald Trump was mentioned by name in the book of Revelations. 

Come November 9th what will I write about? In order to increase my stats of views, likes, and follows, (because what else do I have?), and taking into account the demographics of those who now follow my blog, I will conduct market research which will help me consolidate the following long list of ideas I have been compiling over the past several weeks. 

One Million Future Post Ideas:

  1. _____ 

Ugh…I should have written them down.


October 21, 2016, Daily Prompt: Millions~

<a href=””>Millions</a&gt;

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