I hate politics. And so begins this political post in which I lament the various ways the outcome of the presidential election of 2016 will forever determine the course of my life…not really.

Prior to this presidential election, (and the four preceding it), it was my strict policy not to engage in any discussions on the topic of politics. We all have reasons for the opinions we hold, and the likelihood of changing an opinion by arguing my own view is slim. People’s minds are made up. I don’t appreciate seeing political posts on Facebook— unless they’re expounding views I share. In fact I feel that so strongly that I’ve unfollowed friends and distanced myself from certain people whose political opinions I find particularly repugnant. We may share many other commonalities, but the wrong political bent is a friendship breaker…until November 9th.

For this reason I fully understand and forgive those who elect to stop reading this post after my next sentence: I hate Donald Trump. I consider myself open minded and accepting, but his combination of ridiculous and dangerous has extinguished any patience I require to ignore him. 

Most of the people I know watched baseball last night; the Cubs and Dodgers played. I instead looked forward to, and watched the third presidential debate as one would a sporting event, with nervous energy, dread and hope. I will admit I was somewhat disappointed. There was no epic psychotic Donald Trump melt down. Apparently he’s saving the melt down for after the results are in. 

Like a good percentage of those voters who plan to vote for Hillary Clinton, my vote is more of an anti-Donald Trump vote than anything else… Don’t get me wrong, I think Hillary will, with all her experience, do a phenomenal job, but I am a Bernie fan. 

As to Donald Trump— I am compelled to hurl personal insults at this ancient, self-tanorexic, racist, misogynistic, defrauding, cry baby, tax evading sexual predator— but instead I will say:  Thank you Donald Trump. I have never heard the word “bigly” used in a sentence, and to be honest I would have challenged the word’s existence in a game of Scrabble. On further inspection, it appears to be another word for “uge”. Who knew?

October 20, 2016, Daily Prompt: Ancient~ <a href=””>Ancient</a&gt;

6 thoughts on “bigly

  1. My dad and I used to argue about the validity of the word “bigly” I’m still upset that this is an actual word, found in an actual dictionary, and that this man has made it his creed for the things he will “accomplish” *rolls eyes*

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