You think you know a person 
Because you see them everyday 
Endless minutes, hours, weeks 
Toil– in order to be paid 

No matter who you see 
They are contriving to portray
Polished and professional 
Like a character in a play

I too am not the consummate 
Perfect entity I seem
Today I was awaken
In the middle of a dream

First before I shock I will  
Preface this by saying
I find as I get older 
I get wilder and more daring 

Risks give me a rush 
They remind me I’m alive
Adrenaline feels good
Oh the pleasures I derive  

By daring– what I mean 
And don’t try this at home
I like to hit the snooze 
On my alarm… which is my phone

I put myself at risk
Oh I am well aware 
I won’t have the time 
To find socks or fix my hair

My shirt- it will stay wrinkled
The sleep stays in my eyes
Although snoozing is barbaric 
It might also be unwise

So as I stated earlier
Don’t assume to understand
The deep dark secrets harbored 
By the species we call man

October 4, 2016, Daily Prompt: Daring~ <a href=””>Daring</a&gt;

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