A Miniature Version of the Life I Once Had

This miniature version of the life I once had
Smaller car, fewer kids, a lap dog- not too bad 
I’ve accepted a thought, something I always knew
“Bigger is better”- may or may not be true

I once drove a van and had an Irish Wolfhound
Equal effort is required for every dog I have found
My lap dog needs hair cuts, more often than I
I’m plagued by allergies that augment my eyes

I do spend less money filling my gas tank
Which doesn’t correspond to cash in the bank
Before the first snow my tiny car wants new tires 
And the skunk trapping service I hired… they’re just liars

Two spawn in college- continue draining my funds
I keep playing lotto, but still haven’t won
It was just last month I had three kids at home
Now with just the one- I find I’m often alone

My new trash disposal has somehow sprung a leak
All problem are problems however potent or weak
A fan on my ceiling, self installed doesn’t light
I don’t understand – I did everything right

This miniature model of my so called life
Hasn’t lessened the weight of my load or my strife
How is this beneficial – this dactylic diatribe?
I see several subjects of which I might scribe


August 24, 2016, Daily One Word Prompt: Miniature~ <a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/miniature/”>Miniature</a&gt;

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