My Luck

I can do anything I set my mind to...right? I'm "handy" because I'm poor—relatively poor, and relatively handy. If I don't do it myself, I don't do it...myself. Man bashing is not my goal here, but as a woman, I am often charged more for repairs than a man might be. As a working single … Continue reading My Luck

That’s It, I Quit

I am an expert in this one thing. My internet bill doubled this week, but I didn't bat an eye because this is August, and August is when my so called twelve month promotional rate ends. When it ends I call my internet provider and tell them I want to quit them. That puts me … Continue reading That’s It, I Quit

A Miniature Version of the Life I Once Had

This miniature version of the life I once had Smaller car, fewer kids, a lap dog- not too bad  I've accepted a thought, something I always knew "Bigger is better"- may or may not be true I once drove a van and had an Irish Wolfhound Equal effort is required for every dog I have … Continue reading A Miniature Version of the Life I Once Had

It’s in the Air

Beneath the deck or behind the limestone  A haven- not for my family alone  Within reach yet elusive How many? - inconclusive You ask why I don't like owning a home This problem resolved two years in the past Reoccurring strikes of well aimed fetid blasts Pervading thick fogs of funk At least one returning … Continue reading It’s in the Air

A Vast Untamed Wasteland 

Once there was a lovely secret garden...years ago On the day I moved in  those secrets began to grow I can not touch upon  what I do not understand  I cry uncle to my garden a vast wild untamed wasteland I offer this admission— I have developed allergies My nemesis is nature it is my...natural … Continue reading A Vast Untamed Wasteland 

The Purpose Of:

Work • The purpose of a job is to earn money to pay expenses...not to hear unwelcome daily updates on a co-workers personal life.  Sustenance • The purpose of coffee is to fend off said overly chatty co-worker, by means of halitosis.  Personal Space • The purpose of armrests is to provide a barrier in a theater, or … Continue reading The Purpose Of: