Who Cares?

“Hippocleides doesn’t care.” ~ Herodotus

I’m guessing you don’t care either, but allow me to explain. 

It started when a bunch of Greek guys were in competition to win the hand of some Greek girl whose father was a wealthy older Greek guy—they have a tendency to be controlling. By the end of the competition for this Greek girl’s hand, only two of the Greek guys were left. One of them was this guy Hippocleides, and he was favored to win. He had it all, you know the type: athletic, good looking, smart, wealthy, a magnetic personality… I’m guessing he was funny too, but I wasn’t there.

The bachelorette’s wealthy dad liked him too. He threw a big dinner party to announce the winner—his choice for his daughters hand. Sadly, during this dinner Hippocleides drank too much. He was a happy drunk, but maybe too happy. He danced. He danced on the ground, he danced on tables, and finally he danced on his head kicking his legs— much like break dancers of the 1980’s— Big daddy to be thought Hippoklcleides was acting the fool. 

This style of dancing did not befit the apparel of the day. Please refer to the illustration above. With that image in mind, you might guess that dancing on his head was particularly scandalous. His potential in-law came down hard: “You have just danced away your marriage!” 
The response from Hippocleides was: “Hippocleides doesn’t care.” 

The joke here is lost in translation because the word the chicks dad used for dance sounds very much like the Greek word testicles. 

Hippocleides may not have cared at the time, but I wonder if he cared the next day. 

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4 thoughts on “Who Cares?

  1. He probably didn’t care the next day because he was too sick to care. I dare venture to state that from the day after that he probably did regret it for the rest of his life and that is all I all I have to say..

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  2. Many English renderings of several Greek texts pointed to a different context where Hippokleides purposely drank the largest quantity and deliberately danced away the impending matrimony which he did not wish to entre into. All he wanted was victory in every contest there, and he won all and the hand of Argarista, but aptly relinquished his victories, thereby not earning enemies. Many years later some enemies of Argarista’s pater massacred them all and captured the land. Hippokleides lived happily in his land. I like his idiosyncrasy of being capable of winning anything but not being greedy or ambitious be crowned as the winner.

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    1. Thank you! This changes things a bit. Hippocleides was more clever than I gave him credit for.
      I had an uncle who passed away years back who was a wealth of knowledge with regards to the ancient Greeks— their literature and folklore. He and my dad both immigrated from Greece in their late teens. I would love to have heard his telling of this great story. Thanks for the comment!

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      1. Hippokleides was a great person. I learned about him from my voracious readings about T.E. Lawrence. After that I placed H. on top of my list of favorite historical characters, and T.E.L. second.

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