My Life of Failure

It began on the day I was born

A second daughter— my dad was forlorn

Because Like (another second daughter) 

Queen Elizabeth I, (One) 

(Her dad Henry VIII) Our dads both wanted sons

My id, ego and self worth were purged

An inner tomboy was soon to emerge 

Years later a new brother was uncorked

My dads mood improved— the difference was marked

(I abdicated) My throne—Unseated without contrition 

(Worse yet) Forced into the middle child position

(To cope) I escaped into mythical fantasies 

Crowned myself  Queen of a place never seen

The Amazon land of Latoreria

Because it (kind of) rhymes with Lydia (my name)

My loyal subjects of course were my toys

In revenge (insert evil laugh)—I allowed none among them to be boys! 

The Daily Post, September 26, 2015, Daily Prompt: Must Not Fail~ What is the one thing at which you are the most afraid of failing?<a href=””>Must Not Fail</a><a href=””>Must Not Fail</a>

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