Capable people who know right from wrong
Make choices they understood all along
Karma avenges each time
Victims injured in crime
Consequences extend beyond life long

Either I’m completely boring, or I’m unethical, and think all my infractions are minor. When I try to come up with a rule I’ve broken, a big one, I come up blank.

The rules I have recently broken:

Speeding: It’s not worth the cost of the ticket and traffic school, but still in my mind a minor infraction.

Stamp violations: I’ve been chastised at the post office for attempting to use a stamp that I had peeled off an envelope that I ended up not mailing. In my mind that rendered the stamp unused. You would have thought I tried to steal the postal employees Christmas bonus.

Book withholding: I’ve intentionally kept library books past their due date weighing the cost of the late fee against the mental anguish of not finishing the book. I will commit this offense again, I’m sure.

Murder: I have not committed murder, although to be perfectly honest, the thought has crossed my mind. The legal system protects criminals, and when someone harms someone you love, you can loose your grip on the boundaries of acceptable human behavior. You have heard of victims rights groups? They’re necessary because the victim has so few rights. Have you ever heard of a criminals rights group? There isn’t a need… but there is karma.

There are so many things wrong with the legal system, that discussing it is as useless as discussing corporate greed or corruption in government, and we are discussing my faults today. To stay on point, be it speeding, postage stamp violations, library book withholding, or thoughts of murder, karma is waiting. You decide, is it worth it?

**Obviously if I were going to commit murder, I wouldn’t post on my blog about contemplating murder, so in theory, I could probably commit murder now, and not be considered a suspect… Hmmm. Now that I added that last bit I had better not.
The Daily Post
Feb 5, 2015
Daily Prompt
Breaking the Law
Think about the last time you broke a rule (a big one, not just ripping the tags off your pillows). Were you burned, or did things turn out for the best?

<a href="http://Breaking the Law“>Breaking the Law

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