WORK Is A Four Letter Word

I won’t go into details about my specific job, because the deterioration of it is the same as that which has occurred in many fields.

My job like countless others is not what it was when I started 23 years ago. Corporate greed has taken the best of it. Where there were 5 workers, there are now 3. I work many more hours to bring home the same amount of pay. My pension is frozen, retiree healthcare (not that retirement is in my future) is gone. When I think they can’t take more, they do. When I started my job, there was no employee contribution for health insurance, not so now. A big chunk of my pay goes toward my insurance coverage. My vacation days have been cut by 30%, and the amount of paid sick days per year cut in half.

I have a union. This has all happened on their watch. My job is one of many jobs in the United States which has seen its central work group descend from the middle class into the class of working poor.

Meanwhile, corporate management has continued to reward itself with hundred million dollar bonuses regularly for a job well done. Way to cut costs at the expense of the front line workers.

This is a story told repeatedly throughout history. The greedy rich oppressing the masses to maintain their fortunes and lifestyles.
In history the masses fight back and though they may win small battles, the war ends with new leaders who are just as oppressive. It’s the same with the CEO’s leaving a pillaged corporation by way of a golden parachute, only to be replaced by a new equally greedy and corrupt CEO.

The abandonment of the individual in the world, the absurdity of the human circumstance, the subjectivity of value, the subjectivity of truth all come to mind. Where are the ethics in corporate America today?

There must be a way to run a profitable corporation while treating employees with dignity.

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