I’m Writing A Blog And All You Jerks Are In It

I am a logophile. I love words. What else can I do but try to put those words together to form coherent thoughts. We all need challenges to stay sane. This is what keeps me in my relative state of sanity.

Words have the power to offend, (which I often do) inspire, (which I aspire to do) influence (give me money), and create (like God).

What do I want out of my blog?

I love offending those who don’t understand me, as well as those who do, because they wouldn’t be offended if they weren’t paying attention and that is better than the alternative.

I would love it if my words gave someone the push to make a positive change in their life; work, school or personal.

I would love it if my words were the catalyst for someone who never would have considered an idea or point of view.

I would love to create one character who can incite love in someone with a vacancy in that department; Fitzwilliam Darcy, Jamie Frasier, Rhett Butler. . . sigh.

I would love it if my words made you think.

One thought on “I’m Writing A Blog And All You Jerks Are In It

  1. Your words make me wonder …… Who the hell are Fitzwilliam Darcy, and Jamie Frazier ??? I could look them up , but I prefer them to stumble into my world more organically. Can’t wait to meet them ….maybe .


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