Great Expectations

I have been conditioned to expect to be completely disappointed in any given situation, and I always am. This may be a side effect of having had fairy tales read to me as a young and impressionable child. As that young child, these tales led me to believe that my life would follow a natural order. … Continue reading Great Expectations

No Whining Please

Where I am in my life right now is a direct result of choices I've made. While I'd love a re-do, I'm not complaining about my lot. How could I complain when I'm the reason I'm here. Challenging as it may be, I have the ability to change what I can't live with. I also … Continue reading No Whining Please

WORK Is A Four Letter Word

I won't go into details about my specific job, because the deterioration of it is the same as that which has occurred in many fields. My job like countless others is not what it was when I started 23 years ago. Corporate greed has taken the best of it. Where there were 5 workers, there … Continue reading WORK Is A Four Letter Word

How I Do Travel

What I need more than anything after a decent vacation is a few days off to recover. A successful vacation should be completely exhausting. Are you with me? Well try to keep up! New York is a favorite destination of mine because it lends itself to this type of physical exertion, and it can be … Continue reading How I Do Travel