Just Keep It To Yourself


No one likes a complainer. I don’t like them. I avoid them. Complainers are are a greasy thumb print on the lens of my rose colored glasses.

I do however like to make the occasional sarcastic comment myself. That’s different. It’s my hobby. It’s all I have. Let me have that.

Not so fast. As bad as the complaining pessimist is the pushy optimist. They take the fun out of what I like to call ironic insight. The optimism police won’t let me get one snide comment out without beating me over the head with their police stick of “at least” arguments:

At least there’s another bus in 30 minutes.

At least you still have a job.

At least you have overdraft protection.

At least no one got killed.

At least you didn’t contract a flesh eating virus.

At least we didn’t all burst into flames.

At least it’s a field rat, and not a city rat.

Please, just keep it to yourself.

I know about the cup argument too. Is it half empty, or half full? Maybe we just need a smaller cup.

6 thoughts on “Just Keep It To Yourself

      1. Thank you!! I’m so tired right now that I couldn’t write my name. One day without an idea, and I’m ready to throw in the towel. Your comment is well timed!


      2. Keep the towel, Lydia! I am so happy to have found your blog. I can relate to so many things. You have such a knack for nailing it every time. Get some rest.


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