Donald Seems Worried… a limerick

Why is this innocent man concerned, Planning his pardon once all is learned? When Manafort flips Trump's dictatorship Will be over, this court is adjourned. A gift— I'm a humanitarian Heed my advice, if you possibly can Four words of hope: "Soap on a Rope" Try not to drop the lather, old man _________________________________ <a … Continue reading Donald Seems Worried… a limerick

A Drop in the Bucket, Donald… a poem

Trump complains about Mueller's expenses $17 million and not without consequences 75 criminal charges have been brought Against 22 defendants... and plea deals sought Of those defendants now charged, 5 have pled guilty 1 so far has been sentenced... no "hoax" here to see" How idiotic would a traitor have to be To plead guilty … Continue reading A Drop in the Bucket, Donald… a poem