This Week’s Top News Limericks

Vast majority of new wealth last year went to top 1% Trump’s priorities are bought and sold When examined injustice unfolds: His tax cut supplies Worlds 3 richest guys With more cash than the poor half, I’m told Cut Food Stamps Because We Already Won The War On Poverty, White House Says Meanwhile Trump's taking … Continue reading This Week’s Top News Limericks

Another Day, Another Mass Shooting

Galveston High, the local today The story still transpires, not much to say MAGA is a lie Trump will deny It's time to abolish the NRA ______________________ <a href="">Premature</a>

Trump, The NRA, North and Putin… a poem

Donald J Trump just withdrew from the Iran arms deal. Vladimir Putin wants to sell Iran arms... yes, this is for real We have come to know Russia funds the NRA Whose new president is Oliver North by the way North was once convicted, he sold weapons to Iran Clearly Trump at work for Putin … Continue reading Trump, The NRA, North and Putin… a poem

Kanye Trump… a poem

Skimming through daily papers, to choose a topic I might analyze, most often I'm inspired by misuse of the government and their lies. This behavior, we've come to excuse, through repetition it's normalized. As such, bigotry has been diffused, excessive pigment plainly despised. Historic atrocities disabused, contemptible certainties revised, a publicity whore interviewed— "Slavery was … Continue reading Kanye Trump… a poem

Two Weekends, Three Political Events

Two events took place, this past weekend, neither of which caused me regret in my failure to secure an invitation— The White House Correspondence dinner, which Trump avoided, and a MAGA Rally in Michigan, which Trump’s team appears to have put together to give Trump an excuse to avoid the afore mentioned dinner. A brief … Continue reading Two Weekends, Three Political Events

Vegan Club

A tweet caught my eye with regards to Waffle House hero James Shaw Jr who, early Sunday, wrestled an assault rifle from the hands of a gunman who had just opened fire, killing four people and wounding at least three others. The tweet described the hero as a graduate of Tennessee State, a vegan, and … Continue reading Vegan Club