Slow News Day: Santos, McCarthy, Feinstein, Crow

Not much to discuss today, except:

Freshman U.S. Congressional Representative, George Santos, a Republican from New York’s 3rd district, (Long Island) has been indicted. He turned himself in this morning to the Eastern District of New York.

George Santos, aka, Anthony Devolder, aka, Kitara Ravache, they all look so sad.

Santos has in his possession a 13 count indictment, including wire fraud, lying to Congress, theft of public funds, money laundering…

Politics is a criminal magnet. The truth is of no consequence in that industry, and resumes are left to the imagination. Santo’s was a work of fiction filled with inconsistencies.

He has claimed:

  • He has two college degrees earned from two colleges. (No transcripts exist.)
  • He has worked for financial institutions, including Goldman-Sacs. (They have no history of that.)
  • Mr. Santos claimed he owned more than a dozen rental properties across the state of New York. (He does not own any properties.)
  • He ran fraudulent charities, one using a wounded combat vet whose dog needed surgery as one scam to open a GoFundMe account. (He kept the money.)
  • He asserts to be Jewish, not just Jewish, but his parents survived the Holocaust. (He’s not Jewish.)
  • He then announced his mother had perished in the twin towers on 9/11. (Lie.)
  • Five months after that claim, he said she died on 23 December 2016. (IDK)
  • He claimed his apartment had been robbed. (There was no record.)
  • What’s in a name? George Santos has three. He’s also known as Anthony Devolder, (his middle name and mother’s maiden name) and his drag queen name in Brazil is “Kitara Ravache.”
  • Brazil convicted Santos of masterminding a credit card skimming fraud and has requested extradition.

Lying on a resume in any other job would result in immediate dismissal.

This is a fine example of a joke.

*UPDATED: Arraigned at Long Island Courthouse, Santos pleaded not-guilty and will be released on $500,000 bond. Who posted bail?

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy Discusses Plans to Tank the World Economy.
My words, his sentiments.

Kevin McCarthy, the House Speaker who holds onto his gavel with a vise grip and a slim lead, will not expel Santos because he needs every vote. Santos will likely be replaced by a democrat when voters have their say.

Good news: Senator Dianne Feinstein returned to the Senate Tuesday evening. It will now be possible to issue subpoenas for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Chief Justice Roberts, and Harlan Crow. It would be ideal if Feinstein were to resign from the Judiciary Committee today, before another illness takes her out of commission.

Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee gave billionaire Republican mega-donor Harlan Crow a deadline of May 22 to release a full accounting of all the gifts he lavished upon Justice Clarence Thomas and other Supreme Court Justices. Harlan has scribed a declination of the invitation. Senator Ron Wyden, Democrat of Oregon, is calling Crow’s negative reply “an obstructive letter.”

Crow and Thomas

Harlan Crow has donated to every GOP Senator on the Judiciary and Finance committees. $429,000 to Judiciary: and $239,140 to Finance. These are the two boards investigating his gifts and donations to Clarence Thomas.

Members of the Senate Finance Committee are now questioning if Crow may have broken tax laws with all these undisclosed gifts.

Speaking of bribes, at what point does a person say, ya know, I could live on this money for ten lifetimes; maybe I’ll work for the taxpayer now. You would think the annual salary a SCOTUS earns of $286,000 would be enough to keep temptation at bay, but Thomas still entertained a sugar daddy, Harlan Crow, who probably believes Thomas can protect him from tax fraud charges and obstructing an investigation. Time will tell.

Senate Democrats Seek Accounting of Gifts to Thomas and Other Justices

George Santos

Sen. Dianne Feinstein is set to return to Washington Tuesday following an absence

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  1. The George Santos news was a waker-upper this morning. They just needed to get all their ducks in a row then…bam! And after MTG tried taking him under her wing…

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