Feinstein Not Willing to Retire

Yay! California Senator Diane Feinstein, has returned to work after a severe case of shingles. As the Chairperson of the Senate Judiciary Committee, her ten-week absence made it impossible for President Biden to fill judicial vacancies. Feinstein was sorely missed, particularly because minority leader Mitch McConnell, (who stacked the court with unqualified extremists when Trump … Continue reading Feinstein Not Willing to Retire

Slow News Day: Santos, McCarthy, Feinstein, Crow

Not much to discuss today, except: Freshman U.S. Congressional Representative, George Santos, a Republican from New York’s 3rd district, (Long Island) has been indicted. He turned himself in this morning to the Eastern District of New York. George Santos, aka, Anthony Devolder, aka, Kitara Ravache, they all look so sad. Santos has in his possession … Continue reading Slow News Day: Santos, McCarthy, Feinstein, Crow