Feinstein Not Willing to Retire

Yay! California Senator Diane Feinstein, has returned to work after a severe case of shingles. As the Chairperson of the Senate Judiciary Committee, her ten-week absence made it impossible for President Biden to fill judicial vacancies. Feinstein was sorely missed, particularly because minority leader Mitch McConnell, (who stacked the court with unqualified extremists when Trump was in office) would not allow Democrats to temporarily replace her on the committee. Upon Feinstein’s return, three judges were immediately appointed.

The celebration of her homecoming was followed by concern. Feinstein is 89 and her condition is worse than she let on. For two years, her staff had been uneasy with her short-term memory loss and occasional slip ups. Her abilities now, with the added side effects from her case of shingles, are concerning.

“Ms. Feinstein’s frail appearance was a result of several complications after she was hospitalized for shingles in February, some of which she has not publicly disclosed. The shingles spread to her face and neck, causing vision and balance impairments and facial paralysis known as Ramsay Hunt syndrome.”
“The virus also brought on a previously unreported case of encephalitis, a rare but potentially debilitating complication of shingles.”
“Characterized by swelling of the brain, post-shingles encephalitis can leave patients with lasting memory or language problems, sleep disorders, bouts of confusion, mood disorders, headaches and difficulties walking. Older patients tend to have the most trouble recovering.”

The New York Times

Her cognitive decline is so severe that when a reporter asked about her ten-week absence, she replied:

“I haven’t been gone. I haven’t been gone. You should follow the—I haven’t been gone. I’ve been working.”

Do you mean you’ve been working from home?

“No, I’ve been here. I’ve been voting. Please. You either know or don’t know.”

She missed 91 votes during her 10-week absence.

It is clear what Senator Feinstein must do, but she refuses to retire.

Feinstein’s absence has been particularly detrimental to the balance of the judicial branch of government.

The practical solution would be for Feinstein to leave the office: retire, resign, be removed before another illness causes more missed votes. There is no compelling reason for her to fulfill her term. Only by stepping down and allowing a replacement Senator to be chosen, can her judiciary committee position filled. The 17th Amendment permits a governor to make temporary appointments in the Senate, which last to fill the vacancy. If she retires before her term ends, her Governor, Gavin Newsom, will appoint her replacement.

These rules differ from those of the House of Representatives. There, seats remain vacant until they hold an election.


“Success consists of going from failure to failure without lack of enthusiasm.”

~Winston Churchill

To Churchill’s quote, I might add:

Success is accepting that you’ve come to the end of a chapter; only then can you can move on to the next without regrets.

~but that’s just me

With Sen. Feinstein back in Senate, 3 of Biden’s judicial nominees move forward

Feinstein Suffered More Complications From Illness Than Were Publicly Disclosed

6 thoughts on “Feinstein Not Willing to Retire

    1. It was strange. I’m not trying to disparage her.
      My mother lives with me. She is also 89, and has early dementia. It’s a lot- She can’t make phone calls. She wanders off in the grocery store. She doesn’t understand that her junk mail is ads. She knows the weather though; I get hourly updates.
      Everyone is different. I think Senator Feinstein needs an intervention with family and coworkers.
      Chuck Grassly, McConnell, Kennedy, and the other old Republicans need a giant hook.

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      1. This is just me talking out loud but I so wish her doctor could provide guidance as to how much damage was really done to her. It seems like a medical clearance–or something like that–would be so valuable, especially given her age. But an intervention to include her doctor would be great.
        You’re a good daughter, Lydia.

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  1. It’s a sad situation. I have felt for a while now that there should be a maximum age for government positions. All of them, including “lifetime appointments”. I am not an ageist but having cared for aging relatives I know that people often do not recognize their own decline and have unrealistic ideas of how much recovery is possible. I think 85 would be a good maximum number. At that point people should be willing to let go and let the next generation step in.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Your words expressed my thoughts better than mine did. “Lifetime appointments” lead to corruption and indifference.
      I’d put them all on Medicare and revoke their pensions so they’d be forced to live on social security and whatever they made insider trading. I’d make so many changes if only they’d ask. 😉

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