Trump Held Liable in E. Jean Carroll Case

In the rape and defamation case of E Jean Carroll vs. Trump, the verdict is in. It took the jury just over three hours to deliberate. Six men and three women found Donald Trump liable for sexual abuse and defaming the writer E. Jean Carroll.

Because this is a civil case, not criminal, Trump can be held liable, rather than found guilty. (HE WAS.) And rather than jail time, the jury may award the victim damages. (THEY DID.) They awarded E. Jean Carroll $2 million for assault and $3 million for defamation — there might be more in punitive damages. They awarded her, in total, $5 million.

Whether she ever sees the money remains to be seen. What is one more bankruptcy for a man who has gone through six?

So much for “if you’re a star they let you do it.”

Next Trump case please.

11 thoughts on “Trump Held Liable in E. Jean Carroll Case

    1. I try so hard not to hate people, but they saw him mock a handicapped reporter, and they heard the hot mic audio from Access Hollywood. Anyone who still supports him deserves to be shunned.

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      1. Right. They did not find him guilty of rape. The judge told the jurors they had three choices to find him guilty; they found him guilty of two. He screwed himself (pathetic pun) by pointing to E Jean in that photo and stating ‘that’s Marla.’

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      2. Thank’s for the clarification. I need to go back and edit.
        Also, I wonder how many victims are needed to start a class action lawsuit. The others have to be thinking about reopening their cases.

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      3. I think two or three of E Jean’s witnesses said, on the stand, that Trump came onto them, also. What in the heck does Melania think about all this?

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  1. Ms. Carroll is to be commended for her bravery. It must have put her through a great deal of trauma. I hope she is able to heal. In many ways $5 million doesn’t seem like a lot.

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    1. I agree. She is very brave, as are the other women who testified. I imagine they were all threatened by his people. She must be so relieved that it’s over.
      Georgia is my bet to be next up.

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