Ignorance is Bliss, But Knowledge is Power

Living in happy bubbles of ignorance because reality makes us uncomfortable allows the bad to guys win. Ignorance is bliss, or so I’ve read.

This post is dedicated to sister Christian, who left a passive-aggressive, mean girl, kick-’em when they’re down, comment on my last post. She was bent out of shape because I mentioned Eric Trump’s burner phone. You are correct, I couldn’t resist. And while politics is a pernicious subject, it is not as noxious as the repressed anger you harbor. I have no desire to please everyone. Your comment went to spam.

Moving on, I feel like writing a political post today.

“There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice.” ~Montesquieu

The problems we have in the U.S. government wouldn’t prevail if we were all engaged in what our elected officials are doing. Attacking people who call attention to things we’d rather pretend don’t exist kills democracies. If we can’t speak out against the corruption embedded in our government, we may as well be Russia.

Our political system needs to change. It’s set up to disenfranchise those in heavily populated states and when district boundaries look like Rorschach tests, drawn to give one party an advantage over another, we lose what we are entitled to— democracy.

The district created to give House Representative Jim Jordon (R/OH) the win.

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 558 U.S. 310, was a landmark decision of the Supreme Court in 2010, regarding relationship between campaign finance and free speech. It has allowed a select group of rich donors to direct our government and use propaganda to sway public opinion.

PLEASE WATCH — This should be common knowledge.

Today’s largely unqualified and unethical Supreme Court was stacked by Minority Leader McConnell, under the direction of Citizens United.


“Nothing is new except the history you do not know” ~ Harry S. Truman

A narrow margin confirmed Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court in 1991, (48-52,) despite being accused of sexual harassment, (not to be confused with Brett Kavanaugh.) Thomas has done untold damage during his time in the SCOTUS, casting the deciding vote in the 2000 Bush/Gore election. The Supreme Court gave George W Bush the White House despite Al Gore’s popular majority win. I often imagine how different the world would be now if Gore had been president. Shortly thereafter, we became ugly Americans in the eyes of the world.

Clarence Thomas called in sick for a week while news broke of his wife Ginni’s trexting (treason-texting) Mark Meadows. It seems Clarence Thomas’ “health” issue wasn’t real.

Ginni, the wife of SCOTUS Clarence Thomas, telling Mark Meadows of “army gathering” for the purpose of overturning election results.

Ginni Thomas has a law degree. Her texts leave no doubt that she was a planning coordinator for the 1/6 attempt to overthrow the government. She’s quite passionate about her message of – Trump must continue to squat as POTUS.

My thoughts don’t matter; look at the facts. Republicans hate facts because they create liberals.

Ginni Thomas arranged, and paid for, busses to transport the alternative army.

The GOP stands by their man. He won’t resign.


Republican Congressman Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE) was convicted this week on federal charges after lying to the FBI about accepting funds from a foreign billionaire. Maybe there will be consequences for some after all.

Random thought time—

4 thoughts on “Ignorance is Bliss, But Knowledge is Power

  1. That is so much BS that Ginni Thomas and hubby don’t talk about work at home. “Hi, honey. How was your day?” “Fine. How was yours?” “Fine.” “Great. Now, let’s talk about dinner!” Give me a freakin’ break. Sick. Oh, yeah. I’ll bet he was sick, alright. And no code of ethics. Doesn’t that just blow your mind that not only is there no code, but that there even needs to be when these people are elected to a lifetime position. You know, given how well we ‘question’ them before the vote.

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  2. I hate hitting the “like” button. Wish we had a “too true to like” or “good work putting this together I found it informative” button. Best wishes on getting your back fixed up.

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