The Karens Have Spoken

This week’s news… I just can’t. The Virginia Karens have spoken. They elected a Republican Governor despite that party’s recent attacks on women’s rights. New Jersey Karens nearly did the same.

Republican priorities are not to serve society, rather they feel the need to weaken every demographic that is not white and male. Their attempt to take away reproductive rights is only one example. Another is their refusal to pass the president’s bill that, before they took it apart, would have expanded Medicare, encouraged middle and lower income citizens to further their education by waving tuition at community colleges. Republicans oppose helping those trapped on the web of student loans. Even something as simple as lowering interest rates to make paying the bill easier would be appreciated. The chart above is all true. They want to keep us poor, sick, stupid, and at their mercy.

Speaking of which, these Karens are either unaware or they don’t care that voting rights are at risk, and that without fair elections, we stand on the brink of an Authoritarian rule. I blame the Karens for the turn of events on Tuesday because white women without a college education voted in the following manner:

  • Republican Youngkin 75%
  • Democrat McAuliffe – 25%

I will refrain from name calling, but I have to wonder what kind of person votes against their interests time and time again, never learning from past behavior or history? Why would you vote away your power, by giving it to the party that wants to control you? What is happening in this country right now? I thought we learned something from that former guy.

Side note to Karens– let the storms that have ravaged Europe, resulting in lower than normal wine yields, guide you. Consider redirecting your focus to climate change in an effort to save suburban mom’s wine from extinction. Do it.

Tuesday’s election was a disappointing day for Democracy, when you consider that Republican Glenn Youngkin won by exploiting the recent volatility of school board meetings. Fear-mongering and race baiting arguments regarding the teaching of “Critical Race Theory,” which, depending on who you ask, is not being taught in Virginia schools. (It should be.) Also, politicizing something as simple as wearing a mask has unleashed behavior that should result in home visits by the department of children and family services to do welfare checks on the kids whose parents have hair-trigger, anger management issues. In another display of politics at its ugliest, Youngkin’s TV ads falsely claimed his opponent planned to raise taxes by over $5,400 per household. How is it legal to lie in political ads?

Note: voter fraud is real. Youngkin’s son tried to vote twice.

Glenn Youngkin’s Underage Son Tried to Vote in Virginia Governor’s Election, Officials Say

Sinema introduces straight jacket chic to the Senate floor. Also, why is Manchema talking to McConnell?

I have never nor will I ever vote for a Republican. The GOP, (and Joe Manchin,) work for the rich. Billionaires grew their worth by 70% during the pandemic, in part because the 2017 tax scam lets them keep most of their cash. Indeed, the “Build Back Better” bill has something for them. To garner Republican support to pass the bill, they’ve added an “incentive.” Repealing SALT will not benefit most Americans. That is the $10k limit on property tax deductions for those who itemize. After 2017, middle and lower-income people stopped itemizing. It’s interesting that we call tax breaks that go to the wealthy or corporations “stimulus” or “incentives,” even though we have learned that they hoard their abundance, it doesn’t trickle down. But when any kind of provision is for the rest of us, who pay taxes, it’s called “socialism.”

Fifty-seven Republican state and local officials were at the Capitol during the 1/6 attack. That information has resulted in requests by two House Representatives, AOC and Eric Swalwell, that any such person be removed. That should have happened on 1/7.

As alarming as that is, even more disturbing is that ten Republicans newly elected into office, on Tuesday, attended the January 6 coup attempt. Three into state legislatures, and seven won positions at the local level.

Matthew Lynch, who resigned from his teaching job in Braintree, MA, after a photo showed him at the January 6 insurrection, was elected to the Braintree school board on Tuesday. What a world.

Okay, politics is disheartening, so I’m changing the subject. This happened last month, but somehow it just now made it onto my news feed: Shakira (the singer,) was mugged by a pair of wild boars while walking in a park in Barcelona with her eight-year-old son. It upset her that no bystanders assisted. I’m compelled to comment. Kudos to her for chasing down the beasts and wrestling her purse back from them.

But, she may have crossed the border into crazy town. I thought boars are dangerous and can kill people. It must have been a nice phone.

4 thoughts on “The Karens Have Spoken

  1. I think the entire US is crazy town, Lydia. Just when you think it can’t get any more nuts, it does. I had so much hope after this election. I am trying to hold on, but damn, it is hard. My fellow Americans….who are these people???

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  2. And they call us nasty names. I’m not a “communist.” I’m not a “satanist.” I’m just educated. And ignorance is bliss ~ if you like to drink piss. We have to educate them…

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