Hey Mo, Your Password is Showing

Yesterday, Sunday, June 6, 2021, Mo Brooks was hit with a lawsuit, filed by California’s Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell, related to his role in Capitol insurrection. This was not an easy feat to accomplish because when Brooks caught wind of the suit, he went into hiding, for months, to avoid being served.

Brooks is one of four individuals who, the suit alleges, riled up the crowd during the preceding rally that directed a mob of thousands to descend on the Capitol Building to stop the certification of President Jo Biden’s legitimate win.

Who is Mo Brooks? A Republican who represents Alabama in the House of Representatives, and he sits on the Armed Services subcommittee on Cyber Innovative Technologies and Information Systems. Must be a smart guy, no?

Rep. Mo Brooks served with lawsuit related to his role in Capitol insurrection

Mmm…no. His response to finally being served with the suit filed against him, by Representative Eric Swalwell, for his seditious role in the January 6 attack that resulted in five deaths, was to tweet an accusation that Swalwell broke into his home to collect evidence thereby accosting his wife. To validate his menacing tweet, the “Cyber Innovative Technologies” genius extraordinaire shared a picture he took, of his computer screen, showing the definition of Alabama’s code on “criminal trespass.”


Okay, this is an old southern white guy trying to appear intimidating. Somehow I don’t think Swalwell is affected.

Note the sticker at the bottom of the computer screen.

On closer look, something isn’t right. Only in a country where the “democratic” government is set up in a way that gives the minority more power than the majority, is a computer wielding dinosaur, who doesn’t know how to take a screenshot in charge of cybersecurity for what was once the most powerful country in the world.

The poor Stooge, Mo, posted not only an Alabama legal code but his Gmail password and pin. This is a man in a position of national security.

Here’s an example of screenshot for you Mo:

Section 3 of the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution REQUIRES the removal of insurrectionists from governance, mandating job forfeiture as a consequence for seditious violation of the oath of office:

2 thoughts on “Hey Mo, Your Password is Showing

  1. Allowing someone like this onto the cyber security committee is truly appalling. If qualifications were required it would not have any GOP members (I refuse to use the word “republican” for these people because the definition of the word does not apply to them. Since GOP is an acronym for “Good Ole Perverts” it works for me.)

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