Florida, Florida, Florida (sigh…

Miami has declared a state of emergency because the mob of spring breakers has reached epic proportions. NBC News is reporting that the crowds are like those at a rock concert, and the streets are so crowded you can’t see the ground. An 8 pm curfew has been issued.

Pardon the language, I stole the meme.

I’d like to throw this all on the shoulders of Governor Ron DeSantis, because he is a jackass, and he’s part of the problem. He reminds me of the mayor in Jaws. That mayor denied there was a shark in the water, and DeSantis has denied the veracity of COVID19 from the beginning of the outbreak and ended all restrictions before the CDC said it was safe.

Whether this is a political stunt, (we don’t need no stinking restrictions,) or he’s that concerned about tourism is anyone’s guess. Rick Scott, Marco Rubio, and Matt Gaetz aren’t going to help.


The demographic of the swarm consists of primarily 20-30-year-old, maskless, drunks who aren’t vaccinated. I don’t remember much of my twenties, because I was sort of a drunk then too, but come on man, have some self-control. (These are not people who follow curfew rules.)

Here’s the thing, we’re all tired of restrictions, so why couldn’t you (not you,) idiots wait until the end of May to party? Most of us should be vaccinated by then. You are the last group that will get the vaccine and you are killing each other. I want to go on vacation as much as the next guy.

I want to go to the theater which, by the way, will start selling tickets in June for shows in the fall. I can hold off a few weeks. There is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. I know you’re young, but stop being stupid! Go home before you get pepper-sprayed.

I feel bad for the people in Florida who aren’t morons.


2 thoughts on “Florida, Florida, Florida (sigh…

  1. I live in the dumbest state in the nation, and DeSantis is most definitely a jackass. As is the rest of his crew. Weird thing is the letters to the editor blast Gaetz every single day, yet he was re-elected by a landslide. We even have billboards telling him to resign! Scott wants Florida to send back any money the government sends us. DeSantis suddenly grew some and said, “Hell, no, we’re not sending it back!!” Spring break in FL **major eye roll** We are never gonna get out of this mess.

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