Dear Colin (Firth)

(I love Colin Firth. Don’t, “Yeah, me too,” me, because I love, love him. I love him enough that I forgive him, his long marriage to someone whose name is similar to mine, and who’s general appearance mirrors mine, from a great distance, if you squint hard.

And once that person, who is not me, proved herself unworthy, I loved him enough to wait, ten long days after receiving a flood of messages, three, from people telling me my imaginary boyfriend, my screensaver, my Mr. Darcy, is no longer shackled to someone who is not me.

And now, I love him so much that I’m willing to allow him still more time to grieve the end of that phase of his life because I perfectly understand whatever it is he thinks he’s feeling. *The rest of this post is private.)

This is a pic I photoshopped an oil painting I commissioned years ago at the beginning of our long imaginary relationship. 👇🏼

Dear Colin,

When you feel better, please know I’m here, hovering in cyberspace, searching for a place to land, wearing a Regency-era dress. Please call.

Delusionally yours,



11 thoughts on “Dear Colin (Firth)

  1. hahaha! Oh, Lydia–I know, I mean I JUST KNOW, Colin was waiting to hear this. His mind reels, his heart swells…he told me all this and made me promise not to tell. But I wanted you to know.

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  2. But Lydia, Why the divorce? Perhaps Colin, AKA Mr Darcy, is not all he is cracked up to be. But then again, who cares, haha. I hope he calls.

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  3. Oh I haven’t heard about it. I’m not a news watcher and don’t buy those kinds of mag’s. I get all my information from my blogging friend Lydia. I suppose it’s sad when any marriage ends but we are only human. Still hope he calls.

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