Too Much News

There is an insane turnover rate of news stories connected to the demise of the criminal enterprise our government has become. Considering the Adderol abuser featured in these stories, it’s no wonder.

The first week of impeachment testimony did not disappoint. Not only were the witnesses compelling, but they were also credible. The GOP acted in defense of their bloated leader rather than in defense of the constitution they swore to uphold.

It’s been a good week not to be Gordon Sondland. Who? He’s a wealthy campaign donor who tRump rewarded with a position in his administration, of which he had no experience or training to recommend him. He’s one of “the best people,” the United States Ambassador to the European Union, who was sent to Ukraine, along with two others, to coax, by way of withholding taxpayer-funded aid, President Zelensky into announcing publicly that he was opening an investigation into the Bidens.

Sondland is the Betsy Devos of Ambassadors.

Like Devos, he’s not so smart. He used the easily hacked WhatsApp to call Donny-two-scoops from Ukraine, several times. Not only that, but he made the calls in the presence of others, one call in a busy restaurant in Ukraine. The orange-menace has a loud voice, so loud that Sondland held the phone away from his ear, making both ends of the call easily audible for those in the vicinity. He also offered those around him commentary, such as “Trump cares more about investigating Biden than he does about Ukraine.”

Sondland was one of the first to testify in the preliminary phase of the impeachment inquiry. Last month, shortly after doing so, he became aware that his sworn deposition was contradicted by every other witness to testify: George Kent, Bill Taylor, Tim Morrison, Jennifer Williams, Fiona Hill, David Holmes…

He revised his answers to Congress in writing, claiming the testimony others gave reminded him of important facts he had previously omitted or denied. His new statement isn’t the truth either.

“I said that resumption of the U.S. aid would likely not occur until Ukraine provided the public anti-corruption statement that we had been discussing for many weeks,” ~Sondland

Gordon Sondland is at the center of Ukraine’s extortion. He is scheduled to testify next week in public hearings, and has something new to consider. Roger Stone has just become the sixth tRump associate to be found guilty of, among other things, lying to congress.

You may have guessed that tRump doesn’t know any of the six people pictured above. Now he doesn’t know Sondland either.

A transcript of David Holmes’ deposition was released on Saturday. Holmes testified that he heard tRump ask Sondland, over the phone—

“So, he’s gonna do the investigation?” Sondland replied, “he’s gonna do it, Zelensky would do “anything you ask him to.”

Ex NSC official, Tim Morrison, said his predecessor, Fiona Hill, warned him to avoid Sondland. He didn’t trust what Sondland told him of his communications with tRump, to the extent that he worked to confirm each of Sondland’s calls.

Another guy I’m thankful not to be, not just this week, is Rudy Giuliani. He announced publicly this week that tRump won’t turn on him because “he has insurance.” Everybody blackmails everybody in this club.

According to The Wall Street Journal, federal prosecutors are investigating whether Giuliani was set to profit from a Ukrainian natural gas company pushed by his two recently indicted associates, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman. I think it’s safe to assume this won’t end well for Rudi or Sondland.

I’m sure everyone has heard some part of Marie Yovanovich’s testimony on Friday. She told her story of thirty years of loyal service, ending without warning, and rather than a gold watch for her service, she received thinly veiled threats; some can be seen in transcripts of calls between Ukraine President and 45.

“She’s going to go through some things…” Donald tRump

That threat is particularly ominous when one considers what Yovanovich was doing when she received the call that ended her service. She was hosting a gathering honoring a Ukrainian anti-corruption activist’s life, that ended with a month of suffering after an acid attack. She had spent her life fighting corruption in her government.

Yovanovitch was also threatened via tRump tweet, while she testified, resulting in unanimous cries of “witness tampering in real-time.”

Mooving on. Devin Nunes and Junior Republican Representative from NY district 22, Elise Stefanik, played tag team trying to disrupt Yovanovitch’s testimony.

Stefanik once even shouted at a very patient Chairman Schiff—“how many times are you going to interrupt me!” It was an intentional attempt to distract from the damning testimony, but it didn’t work. Stefanik knew the rules and broke them theatrically. When her allotted time came, she used it to read disparaging headlines from the Hill publication about Chairman Schiff.

She received more time than all but Nunes but complained to the press that she had been gagged. Unfortunately, she was not gagged.

Stefanik, who is proud to be the youngest person ever elected to congress, will likely also be the youngest voted out. Her outrageous behavior earned her opponent $500,000 in campaign funds within 24 hours, and that number may well have reached a million by now. Stefanik, like her supreme leader, doesn’t know when to shut up.

Nothing tRump does is selfless. This week he issued pardons to two service members convicted of war crimes, and he restored their rank. The only people happy about it are the families of the two pardoned.

The timing of these pardons makes me wonder if he’s trying to remind witnesses to stay loyal.

The final story I’d like to mention— Trump took an unscheduled trip to Walter Reed Hospital for his “annual physical.” Anyone with a calendar and ten fingers can deduce this would be a biannual exam. My question- is he planning to resign under the guise of medical problems? It’s unlikely he’d do that unless he had a deal in the works that would keep him safe from indictment.

Too much news.

President Trump’s medical exam was unscheduled, source said

White House: Trump undergoes exam at Walter Reed

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  1. Once again you’ve put it all in a nutshell. I don’t have Tv so I appreciate your posts that pull it all together.
    Wish we could just stick the nuts into a nutshell, but they puff up when they escape and it’s hard to get them back in.

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