Week Two, Lineup for Public Impeachment Proceedings

The week of November 18, 2019, will prove to be another good week for truth and justice, and another bad week for Dotard tRump, who thinks he can distract us from the proceedings with a newly released doctor’s note regarding his health. We already know he’s tall and thin, so no need to read that.

I don’t know about you, but the timing of these hearings hasn’t great for me. After three years, faithfully waiting for something to happen, I think someone could have coordinated scheduling with me. Whatever.

What is Ryan Seacrest dong at the impeachment hearings?

What— not Seacrest? It’s David Holmes— I wonder what his voice sounds like.

David Holmes testified late last week privately before congress, and later this week his public deposition hits the airwaves as one of the top 12— diners, who heard every word of that bizarre phone call when Sondland called Trump, from a restaurant in Kiev, translation, Kyiv- pronounced Keeeev. 🙄 (I’ll let my grandma know her chicken Key-ev dish is bullshit.)

Who is testifying today? Beginning at 9 a.m. ET

    Jennifer Williams, a top aide for Mike Pence, who tRump never heard of, but calls a “never trumper, ” is in the lineup.
    • Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, a National Security Council aide who listened in on the July 25 call between tRump and President of Ukraine- (and Kyiv 🙄) Volodymyr Zelensky, testifies today.
    • Kurt Volker, one of the “three amigos” who are in deep shit trouble, will testify today. He, Sondland, and Energy Secretary Rick Perry were tRump’s facilitators in Ukraine, replacing career Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch who was known for fighting corruption. *See Laura Cooper below.
    • Tim Morrison is a National Security Council aide who was concerned about the ”political fallout” that might come if the July 25 phone call between tRump and Zelensky were to leak, although he said he didn’t think anything in the call was illegal. 🤔 He discussed that concern with NSC legal counsel, Eisenberg, and said that when he found out the transcript had been moved into a highly classified, separate server, he asked Eisenberg why, and was told it was a “mistake.” 🤔
  • The rest of the week’s lineup—

    • Gordon Sondland was a top donor to Dotard’s inaugural committee, which resulted in his working as an (unqualified) EU Ambassador, likely soon to be indicted for lying to congress. Everyone contradicted his closed-door testimony, so he sent the committee a three-page amendment, still not truthful. What will he say this week?
    • Laura Cooper, a Defense Department employee who previously testified privately, telling congress that Volker said he was working with Ukrainian officials to announce publicly that they had opened an investigation into the Bidens, and that they were holding back the $4 million in aide until then.
    • David Hale, a State Department Employee, no idea.
    • Fiona Hill, former NSA Russia specialist who voiced concerns about crazy uncle Rudy Giuliani.
    • Ryan Seacrest David Holmes, State Department employee, mentioned at the top of this post. In his private testimony, Holmes said he heard Sondland tell Trump, “he (President Zelensky,) loves your ass.” Not a visual I need, but you know, that experience might come in handy where Trump and Sondland are likely to end up.

    Anyway, I think Ryan Seacrest will play Holmes in the movie version.

    Source says Republican lawmakers ‘shaken’ by US official in Kyiv’s testimony

    2 thoughts on “Week Two, Lineup for Public Impeachment Proceedings

      1. I appreciate your post, you make excellent points. I have to say that we have to stay engaged if we want to change anything. We’re at a turning point in history, and where we go from here depends largely on what we allow. Too many people have no idea what’s happening, and that’s why it’s gone on this long.

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