Pence Attempts Damage Control

Mike Pence returned from a short trip to Turkey yesterday to announce a ceasefire agreement that he made with Turkish President Erdogan on behalf of the Kurdish people. The US part of the deal was to give Turkey everything they want.

That’s the best lie Vice President Mike Pence could mastermind. He would like you to believe that Turkey agreed to a ceasefire that gives Erdogan more land, without any push back from the Kurds, preserving his military, all without the penalty of US sanctions.

In exchange for giving up their land, our Kurdish allies get to 5 days to flee.

The goal in this story was to make POTUS 45 a hero. He was to end the chaos he created and take credit for peacemaking by ending a war he started.

The fundamental problem with Pence’s story is that Erdogan didn’t play along.

“We will never declare a ceasefire.” ~Turkish President Erdogan

Reporter to Trump: “Are you OK with Erdogan saying that?”

Trump: “He didn’t say that at all.”

There was no five day cease fire. The Turks have continued bombing Kurdish land in Syria.

Nancy Pelosi asked Trump why he abandoned the Kurds.

Trump: “I promised to bring our troops home.”

Speaker Pelosi: “Is Saudi Arabia home?”

Trump: “The Saudis are paying us.”

Who is us? Trump is selling the services of US troops, but who gets the money the Saudis are paying for our troops to protect their interests. That’s a rhetorical question. We all know the Saudis have paid the first family’s debts.

So much winning— for Putin, Erdogan, Mohammad bin Salman, ISIS, Trump and his family.

8 thoughts on “Pence Attempts Damage Control

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