Arson in the Amazon Rain Forest

  • Facts:
    • The Amazon forest produces more than 20% of the world’s oxygen.
    • Half of the ten million species of plants, animals, insects in the world live in the Amazon.
    • The Amazon Rainforest is one of the wettest places in the world; 1/5 of Earth’s freshwater comes from the Amazon River.
    • The Amazon Rainforest is home to one million indigenous people.
  • The Amazon Rain Forest has been burning for weeks, with little press coverage. We see the photos, but we have become immune to the sight, due to the regularity of California wildfires. It is natural to assume these fires in Brasil are effects of the climate crisis, but, these are not wildfires. These fires are arson.
  • Cattle ranchers and loggers have been accused of setting Amazon ablaze, intending to deforest indigenous land.
  • Brazilian leader Jair Bolsonaro has an approach to environmental issues that mirrors 45’s. Business and profits have priority over people and the planet. Bolsonaro has emboldened arsonists who want to clear the land of indigenous people, and use deforested land to grow soy and grain for cattle feed.

    This is, in part, the meat industry at work, willing to destroy the planet and murder people who stand in the way of their profits.

    They are destroying the Amazon Rain Forest to grow soy and grain for cattle- the third-largest greenhouse gas emitter in the world.

    At the risk of sounding like a pushy vegan, (I don’t care what you eat,) I will say that a fraction of the soy and grain used by the meat industry to feed flatulent cattle, could end world hunger.

    Seventy-three thousand fires burn in Brazil, and there is no indication that this will end. We are watching an acceleration of the climate crisis.

    Pataxó woman’s words translated: “For two years we’ve fought to preserve [our reservation] & these assholes came in & burned it down.

    They are killing our rivers, our sources of life, & now they have set our reserve on fire. Tomorrow we are closing the roads & I want all the media here to see this.”

    The Rise of Big Meat

    cowspiracy – Google Search

    The Amazon is burning because the world eats so much meat

    4 thoughts on “Arson in the Amazon Rain Forest

    1. This is also one of the consequences of the trade war with China. The Chinese are encouraging the establishment of non-US sources of soya. I believe that Brazil wants to be a major player in this.

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