These Are the Times That Try Con Men’s Souls—

If Don the con had a soul, these would be hard times.

Pedo-buddy Imprisoned

1. The lyin’ king’s old friend, child pimp Jeffrey Epstein did not get away; no bail escapes for Trump’s pedophile sex offender friend.

What was found in his apartment, what does he know, and what will he share if this goes to trial? 

Unsealed Documents

2. On the same day, newly unsealed documents confirm that Individual 1 is who we thought he was. Records show he and Michael Cohen, who is currently serving a three-year sentence for campaign finance fraud, maintaining contact at the time hush payments were made to Stormy Daniels, contrary to their story. What this means is that individual 1 is guilty of the same crimes for which his former attorney, Michael Cohen, is serving time.

3. Why isn’t Hope Hicks lady in jail?

Documents released also implicate Hope Hicks, confirming she lied under oath when she denied knowledge of the Stormy Daniels payoff, campaign fraud.

“As I reminded you at the outset of your interview, anything other than complete candor can have very serious consequences,” ~House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler

Nadler has set an August 15 deadline for Hicks to voluntarily return for additional questioning. If she does not comply, he will then issue a subpoena— for a later date.

Why does she get a month to comply? Why? Why is everything taking so damn long?

Trump and his newest fixer, Attorney General Bill Barr, will no doubt claim she has immunity from testifying.

It’s Mueller Time

4. On July 24, next week for those using an Aztec Calendar like the one I carry in my purse,

Special Counsel Robert Mueller will finally (we expect,) testify before Congress regarding his investigation. The reason for this public hearing is to educate the masses with regards to the gravity of misconduct in the administration. Many Americans have taken Bill Barr’s word, that the report exonerates the angry yam, completely unaware that findings do not coincide with Barr’s version.

Knowledge is power.

There was collusion and obstruction. (👈🏻period)

Every action has a reaction, so what has been the reaction of the orange menace?

1. Trumpigula is distracting the world by making outrageous racist statements, on par with Hitler. He seems to be trying to incite violence.

2. He’s threatening Iran.

These are trying times for us all.

Unsealed documents show close contact between Cohen and Trump during hush-money arrangements – Los Angeles Times

‘Keep praying!’ Hope Hicks texted Michael Cohen to ask God to make the porn star payoff scandal go away | Raw Story

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