Epstein’s Bail Hearing Adjourned Until Thursday

U S v Jeffrey Epstein Indictment

The new indictment for well-connected billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein has been made public. It charges Epstein with sex trafficking underage girls, cites three victims, and three employees, who scheduled his meetings with the victims, and describes the methods of Epstein’s abuse. The offenses allegedly occurred between 2002-2005 at his properties in Manhattan, NY and Palm Beach, Florida.

Federal officials are seeking forfeiture of Epstein’s Manhattan property, where they discovered photos of nude girls during a recent search.

Epstein’s attorney, Reid Weingarten, made the following arguments on his client’s behalf today in court:

“We do know we’re dealing with ancient conduct,”

These crimes committed between 2002 and 2005 fall within the statute of limitations.

“That should chill the blood of every defense attorney who negotiates a deal with the United States,”

Theatrical reference to the potential voiding of a Florida non-prosecution plea agreement made 12 years ago; it has recently been deemed illegal. That excessively lenient deal has been called a slap on the wrist, rather than a life sentence which Epstein might have received if he was anyone else.

The Florida plea deal included the sealing of documents about sexual assaults, as well as Epstein’s practice of ordering the girls to service his friends and associates, dozens of girls, some as young as 12.

A court ruling says the plea deal agreement is illegal because the victims were never notified of the arrangement made between with then Florida State Attorney Alexander Acosta and Epstein’s attorney.

More words from Epstein’s attorney, Reid Weingarten:

“An agreement that was approved all the way up in Main Justice, and it sure seemed like a global solution involved at the time, including my client.”

“To us, this indictment is essentially a do-over. Two of the alleged victims in this indictment are from Florida,”

“It is fair to say that a significant segment of the law enforcement community in Florida thought that what we had was simple prostitution,”

Judge: “And of the victims being under 18, isn’t that rape?”

“Well, that could be statutory rape.”

Realizing he just admitted his client’s behavior was rape, he clarified:

“There’s no statutory rape because” he claims “there was no penetration.”

He then goes on to argue that Epstein is not a flight risk.

*spoiler alert*

He is.

To be clear, the correct answer to the judge’s question about victims under the age of 18- it is rape.

Any sex with a child is rape. Age determines when a person can consent or not consent, and a child can never consent to have sex. Nonconsensual sex is rape.

Rape and prostitution are not the same.

Sexual abuse of a child in exchange for money is not “child prostitution,” it is sex trafficking.

Let’s consider why the current administration’s Secretary of Labor, Alexander Acosta, who previously worked for the state of Florida and concocted a plea deal that let sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein avoid federal court, and an appropriate stay in a proper prison. Why would Alex Accosta break the law by not informing victims of the deal, and risk his career for Jeffrey Epstein?

Either he was well paid, or he has been blackmailed.

‘Knowledge is king’ Jeffrey Epstein

A 2006 court filing says a police search of Epstein’s mansion found hidden cameras every room. He reportedly taped every encounter, saving tapes to use as blackmail and ensure loyalty. Epstein was not the only one who abused these girls.

For many influential businessmen, politicians, and attorneys, keeping Epstein happy is a matter of self-preservation, necessary to conceal their crimes.

Two thousand pages of sealed documents detailing Epstein’s crimes, and evidence substantiating it, have been ordered unsealed and viewed by the public.

It might be thought odd that Donny Two-Scoops would choose Acosta for the position of Secretary of labor— until you find out the Secretary of Labor oversees US Human Trafficking laws.

Twitler is now trying to separate himself from Epstein. He’ll soon deny he was a friend of his who regularly attended his parties in the 1980s.

Were the infamous “pee tapes” mentioned in the Steele dossier actually ”pedophile” tapes? Hair Führer has been accused of rape by a 13-year-old. The victim said the abuse occurred at one of Epstein’s properties. Epstein has ties to the Russian mob. He may have made the infamous ”P” tape.

Scrolling through old stories about Epstein, I found the following, written in 2011. It’s worth mentioning for several reasons. It names several business associates and friends, (people who were said to be at Epstein’s sex parties with young girls), and some not mentioned- it makes you wonder.

Also interesting is that the story was written in 2011 and never mentions Epstein’s 2008 jail time. One more curious item is this quote:

”One reporter, in fact, received three threats from Epstein while preparing a piece. They were delivered in a jocular tone, but the message was clear: There will be trouble for your family if I don’t like the article.” Vicky Ward, Vanity Fair, 2011

The Talented Mr. Epstein

Epstein’s bail hearing adjourned to resume on Thursday. In the meantime, I hope he likes his roommates.

How a future Trump Cabinet member gave a serial sex abuser the deal of a lifetime

Jeffrey Epstein Documents Could Expose Powerful Politicians, Businessmen

19 thoughts on “Epstein’s Bail Hearing Adjourned Until Thursday

    1. I think this is a much bigger problem than just Epstein- and I think the traffickers are linked: Russia, Epstein, “Trump Models,” one of the stories I read said that when Epstein was in Paris for his birthday, someone gave him two twelve year old girls.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I agree, the coverups go right to the top. These things don’t happen in a vacuum, people know, and are sworn to secrecy with threats to their family etc. It reads like a movie I wouldn’t want to see.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I’ve been cynical for a very long time. Governments assume we are all stupid, that just because they say the words, we (the people) will believe it and take things on face value. I expect more than that. Back it up with action and maybe this little cynic will start to listen again. What is going on in America is scandalous. I too hope justice will be served in this instance, but I won’t hold my breathe.

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  2. And his supporters will plead “fake news.” There is nothing this despicable man can’t get away with. He has bought our country on every level, in each branch of government. It gets worse and worse and yet he will fly off to Florida again next weekend at the cost of millions of dollars and his well-bribed flunkies with overlook and overlook and overlook. Shame. Shame.

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    1. I nearly punched someone in the face through Twitter today. If I could have I would have. Their excuse “She doesn’t look 15” and 15 you’re a teenager, not a child. Then they kept doubling down and going on about how people who were calling him disgusting a “mob”.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow- I hope it was a bot/troll, because they are out in mass numbers trying to change the narrative and stir the pot.
        I’ve been reporting a lot of accounts that have no followers. But if it was a real human- that’s the type of pig who hurts children. I mute those people- they’re not worth getting upset over, and then I have to remind myself that there are good people out there, it’s not all ugliness.


      2. There’s a lot of that pardoning of unpardonable actions lately–based on how “upstanding” the men are. Or how good athletes, or family connections. The trend as we know it today seems to have started by our appointment of a supreme court justice. Or was it in our election of our president? “Me too” doesn’t seem to work in the political realm.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I think the ”me too” movement was a result of the Access Holywood tape; it’s the only positive thing that has come out of this administration.
        We need more female judges, more women in Congress, and we are past due for a female president. When those goals are accomplished things will change. These rich men with connections believe they’re untouchable- I hope they’re proven wrong.


      4. Me, too. But strange that we demand better conduct from our entertainers than our politicians. A real irony. Perhaps the film industry is just better informed and more liberal, in spite of the “old boy” protection of many years duration?

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