”No Person is Above the Law” ~Robert Mueller

”The Constitution requires a process other than the criminal justice system to formally accuse a sitting president of wrongdoing.” ~Robert Mueller

Translated— Because DOJ rules do not allow Robert Mueller to indict Donald Trump, Congress must impeach him, remove him from office, and then they can indict him, and they must.

Congress took an oath promising the people who elected them that they would defend the Constitution:

Congress must impeach Trump now.

No one is above the law.

*Washington Post poll.

Trump’s loyal following consists of 30-35%, (billionaires who don’t want to pay taxes and the passionately small minded, willfully ignorant xenophobes), but his approval rating has never hit 50%, (that’s a record), so why is this treasonous criminal being coddled?


Here we see Trump admit Russia got him elected.

Trump is illegitimate. He was installed by Putin, not elected; as such, he should not be afforded an exemption from immediate indictment. He should be physically removed from office.

Trump’s fraud means Vice President Mike Pence (he knew) is a poser as well. He must be removed and investigated.

Attorney General Bill Barr committed perjury; he ignored a Congressional subpoena; he is an obstructionist; based on any of those actions he should be indicted. He intentionally misled the public, clearly stating that Mueller’s decision not to indict Trump had nothing to do with DOJ/OLC policy. Robert Mueller cleared that up with his announcement, saying that DOJ policy was THE reason he did not indict Trump.


Opinion | How Barr and Trump Use a Russian Disinformation Tactic


Barr published his four-page summary of Muellers report without having read it, claiming no crimes had been found. Nothing in Barr’s pages reflects the truth in the Mueller report. After Barr released his spin on Mueller’s work public, he withheld Mueller’s report and his summary for two weeks, giving his lies time to marinate, before releasing a redacted version of the report. He continues to obstruct the Congressional investigation, by withholding evidence and refusing to provide an unredacted copy of the report. Barr must be investigated.

Senators McConnell and Graham are also active participants in this attack on democracy; remove them from office, and investigate their crimes.

Graham is compromised—

”Lindsey Graham got over $800,000 from a guy who made billions off Russian oil tied to Steele’s Dossier—also gave money to McConnell, Scott Walker & Rubio.” ~The Democratic Coalition

Lindsey Graham, Russian Oil Money & A Campaign Finance Scandal

Nothing has been done to secure our voting system. McConnell has blocked all election security bills. (He is conspicuously confident of his reelection considering statewide approval rating hovers between 18-33%.) 2020 will not be a fair election. Action needs to be taken now.

McConnell is compromised—

Mitch McConnell’s Ties to Russian Oil Money

Trump is trying everything to turn the public against the Mueller investigation. The spending of taxpayer money does not really concern him. His golf trips have cost taxpayers $99,000,000- The Mueller investigation price tag was $59,000,000 cheaper, and better use of our money.

Trump Golf Count

I stand corrected, Siri just told me: ”Yes, the Mueller investigation was costly, but the millions seized from Manafort have it on track to break even” ~Kevin Johnson, USA Today, 2/13/2019


Trump’s golf outings have cost us $99,000,000 more than the Mueller investigation.


We have a right to know whose names are hidden under the redactions in the report because it was taxpayer financed.

AG Barr’s unyielding Contempt of Congress holds a prison sentence of up to five years. Anyone else would have been arrested by now. McGahan also must be punished for refusing to honor his subpoena. Letting them slide weakens our government of three co-equal branches.

What’s the hold up? PEOPLE are not behind impeachment:

*Washington Post poll

Start impeachmet regardless, with public hearings. Who the Hell are they polling anyway? Has no one has read the report?



Unsealed Documents in Special Counsel Mueller’s Investigation [Updated] – Just Security

Watch live: Mueller makes a first public statement about Trump, Russia probe – NBC News

GOP senators vow to let Trump off the hook no matter what crimes he’s committed

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