12 Bill Barr (not so) Fun Facts

  • These 12 facts are not related to Bill Barr’s Iran Contra history, when in 1986, as Attorney General, he refused to turn over a campaign diary, evidence pertinent to the Iran Contra Investigation. Barr then urged George HW Bush to pardon six officials from Ronald Reagan’s administration. These actions effectively shut down the investigation by independent prosecutor Lawrence Walsh.
    1. Barr owns an apartment in Trump Tower.
    1. Barr won’t recuse himself from the Mueller investigation, or any resultant inquiries, because the only reason he accepted the position as Attorney General was to protect Trump.
    2. Barr’s net worth is in the range of $20 million.
    3. Barr’s law firm represents Alfa Bank; a Russian mob controlled bank.
    4. The head of Alfa is Mikahil Fridman, who has ties to Manafort.
    5. Barr holds stock and receives dividends from the Vector Group.
    6. The Vector Group is a holding firm with investments in New York real estate.
    7. The Vector Group was heavily invested in the New York real estate market and the Trump Organization.
    8. Russian kleptocrats laundered their money through the Vector Group.
    9. Howard Lorber, president of The Vector Group, introduced Trump to the Moscow real estate market in the 90s.
    10. Bill Barr’s son-in-law took a job in the White House counsel’s office at the same time Bill Barr agreed to take on the Attorney General position.
    11. Barr requested Russian spy, and key witness in dozens of crimes, Maria Butina, be sent home to Moscow without serving her sentence. Butina said she was the channel for Russia approving the American SECRETARY OF STATE.
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