Congressman Massie Receives Honorary Certificate

This story ties in to my post yesterday so well that I’d be a fool not to exploit it:

Yes, this is the dumbest ‘must watch‘ moment in congressional history. (Notice the superfluous fool on the right.)

This is an epic moment in stupidity. 👇🏼


Is This the Dumbest Moment in Congressional History?

(R/KY) Congressman Thomas Massie doesn’t understand the difference between “political science”, and “science”, but he holds his ground arguing that which he does not understand. Don’t be like Thomas.

From what I understand, he will be awarded an honorary certificate into the Certified Ass Clown Society.

John Kerry reflected on the exchange.👇🏼

Massie goes on to poorly execute an “I meant to do that” maneuver, further embarrassing himself:

Congratulations Congressman Massie, you make Kentucky proud. You are now a Certified Ass Clown.

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