Pelosi Prevailing… limerick

A few days ago I was grrr… fuming

Over a morose mutiny looming

Nancy Pelosi

I expected she

Would be House Speaker… I’d been assuming


Malcontent Democrats, a small faction,

Wanted to oust her, and they took action

16 Democrats

We’ll ain’t that some shhh

Penned a statement of dissatisfaction


They wouldn’t support her to take back her seat

As Speaker of the House, a repeat

She’s done it before

Did it well, what’s more

They had no plan other than to unseat


Like the GOP’s: “repeal and replace”

For healthcare, that wasn’t really the case

No replacement plan

(Trade her for a man)

A just outcry emerged at this disgrace


To become speaker, here’s the routine

A majority of votes, 218

Are the requisite

She wouldn’t have it

Sans misguided signatory 16


Math hurts my head, but I’ve told my children

“You’ll need it in life… Like now, that’s when!”

233 House Dems

-16- gems

=217 (1 short) Ahem


Now I’ve been forced to do math, and I’m pissed

So I will provide for you a full list

Of defectors who

Don’t have the sense to

Focus on Trump first… you get the gist:


  1. Ohio Representative Tim Ryan
  2. Massachusetts Representative Seth Moulton
  3. Colorado Representative Ed Perlmutter
  4. Oregon Representative Walter Kurt Schrader
  5. New York Representative Kathleen Rice
  6. Texas Representative Filemon Vela Jr
  7. New York Representative Brian Higgins
  8. Illinois Representative Bill Foster
  9. Massachusetts Representative Stephen Lynch
  10. California Representative Linda Sanchez
  11. Tennessee Representative Jim Cooper
  12. New Jersey Representative Jeff Van Drew
  13. South Carolina Representative Joe Cunningham
  14. New York Representative Max Rose
  15. New York Representative Anthony Brindisi
  16. Utah Representative Ben McAdams
  • ~
  • What’s this? Has number seven been crossed out?
  • *Rep Brian Higgins, what’s he about?

    One of the 16

    That leaves… um… 15!

    Giving Pelosi her votes. So there’s no doubt


    Constituents spoke out, and it hit home

    Higgins had no real cause to dethrone

    Pelosi, we know,

    Not a man, although

    She’s earned it. Recent history has shown…


    The US has gone back to a time

    When sexism wasn’t thought out of line

    Racism as well

    Trump’s affected Hell

    (Shhh… our next Speaker will be reassigned)


    January new congress takes control

    Trump’s impeachment will create a sinkhole

    It will swallow Mike Pence

    Next in line… President

    House Speaker – A WOMAN in the role


    This is my prediction, fait accompli.

    You doubters wait a few months and you’ll see

    What’s yet to be done

    She will be the one

    Poetic justice: President Pelosi

    2 thoughts on “Pelosi Prevailing… limerick

    1. I suspect that the real problem was due to the Difficult Toddler’s campaign against her. He fears her.
      That said the Dems need a plan to bring forward younger leadership in the next year or so.

      Liked by 1 person

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