2018 Election Cheating Has Commenced

During one of his recent racist rallies, while pontificating his genius thoughts on upcoming midterms and all the talk he’s heard of a blue wave, Donald Trump said: 

“The GOP will do much better than anyone thinks in midterms.”

That is the idiot‘s forewarning. He has a habit of implicating himself this way. (Rusherrr if you’re listening…)

He knows something… probably just one thing: The cheating has commenced.

What is being done? 

NPR published details of a poll, the findings of which state, 1/3 of Americans believe results of the midterm election will be changed by a foreign country. 

NPR/Marist Poll: 1 In 3 Americans Thinks A Foreign Country Will Change Midterm Votes

Since 2016 Americans have been calling for replacements of the touchscreen voting machines that (IMO) won Trump the electoral vote, making him the worst president in history. Millions of Americans have called for a return to paper ballots that can be recounted if irregularities are suspected. 

With that said, 


in most states. Voting is underway and the NAACP has recently filed a formal complaint on behalf of early voters in both Georgia and North Carolina who say their votes changed from democrat to republican as they voted on touchscreen machines. 

NAACP Files Complaint About Voting Machines in Georgia

Donald Trump’s man, Brian Kemp, who is Georgia’s current Secretary of State, is running an unscrupulous campaign for Governor, replete with the purging of over 50,000 voter registration’s in primarily black districts.

Not only is Kemp, Secretary of State and would be Governor, purging registrations of those in primarily black districts who did not vote in the last election, but he is disenfranchising voters by implementing policies that deny them a vote for such minor infractions as a hyphen in a last name not matching the would be voter’s identification. 

In an audio tape, obtained by Rolling Stone Magazine, Kemp can be heard telling his supporters he is worried his opponent, Sara Abrams’, efforts to increase voter turnout is having an effect.

“They have just an unprecedented number of that, which is something that continues to concern us, especially if everybody uses and exercises their right to vote — which they absolutely can — and mail those ballots in, we gotta have heavy turnout to offset that.”

Exclusive: In Leaked Audio, Brian Kemp Expresses Concern Over Georgians Exercising Their Right to Vote

In addition to the machine “irregularities”, more than 4,500 vote-by-mail applications are missing in DeKalb County, one of Georgia’s most populous and liberal-leaning regions.


There is a lot going on in the world right now, perhaps by design, but this story has the potential to affect the course of democracy in our country. The media is not giving this story the attention it deserves.

This (IMO) should be the top story for every news outlet.


Georgia & North Carolina’s voting machines are changing Democrat votes to Republican.

These reports come directly from the disenfranchised voters who have seen their votes change. 

In response to these complaints, precincts claim the old voting machines have some “calibration issues.”


This was not a calibration issue… or a boat accident.

FBI briefings with elections officials and politicians informed them, the company who leases them their touchscreen voting machines, ByteGrid, is financed by AltPoint Capitol Partners, whose fund manager and the largest investor is Russian oligarch, Vladimir Potanin.

It is not a coincidence that a Russian oligarch finances the company that hosts voting data. 

Stories of irregularities have emerged in other states as well, such as Wisconsin.


What you can do:

Check vote.gov to confirm your registration. It you are not registered (purged) re-register.

If you are in a district with touchscreen machines, ask if you can vote on a paper ballot.

If this is denied, check your vote for changes before you submit it. If you see a change, raise your voice. Do not submit your ballot until it reflects your choices. 

Report ALL attempts to suppress your vote to the ACLU or the NAACP, and THE MEDIA. 

The GOP is cheating because if they don’t cheat they can not win. 

We have a chance to take back the government if EVERYONE votes. Don’t be lazy, don’t make excuses, just VOTE.

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