RapeyK Practicing the Truth

  • Since Dr. Christine Blasey Ford came forward to share her story of assault by blackout drunk, frat boy, Judge Rapey Kavanaugh, heretofore referred to as RapeyK, she has been: threatened and harassed to the point that she felt, in order to keep her family and herself safe, they had to go into hiding,
  • Someone hacked into her email, impersonating her, the goal being to defame her character,
  • And she has been bullied by the Republican men in the Senate Judiciary Committee.
  • Meanwhile, RapeyK has been apologized to for the inconveniences caused by the delay stemming from this insignificant assault charge. But he has kept busy. He has been coached for hours on end by none other than the chairman of the Senate Confirmation hearing, Chuck GrASSley, practicing his denial of the assault charges… because that’s what innocent people do, right… practice telling the truth?

    From the beginning of the proceedings, the GOP (boys club) has formed a fetid protective shield around RapeyK.

    During their turn to question him they asked him fluff questions, about coaching his daughter’s basketball team, could he introduce them, twice… personal superficial questions intending to normalize this misogynistic evil man whose records remain hidden.

    When it was the Democrats turn to question RapeyK, he danced around serious questions… when the senators were persistent he lied.(Shoulda practiced more.)

    *I want to write this quickly so I can go outside and challenge the first old white man I see to a cage fight. So I’ll paraphrase:

    When it was the Democrats turn to question RapeyK, they had serious questions: ‘Did you know you were in possession of MY stolen emails in 2002?’ An angry Senator Leahey asked.

    Kavanaugh said (I’m paraphrasing again) ‘Well, womp womp , at the time… you know womp womp, it’s normal to use any material in these kinds of proceedings…’

    Back and forth the same question repeatedly asked until finally RapeyK cracked and said: “No”


    It was proven he knew, when an email HE SENT, was produced titled: “spying” (genius)

    Moving on, when our next US President, Senator Kamala Harris, (my prediction), a former prosecutor, was in the process of handing RapeyK his ass, GOP Senator Lee ass-blocked her. (He’s an ass.)

    Harris had been repeatedly asking: ‘Did you ever discuss the Mueller investigation with the law firm Kasowitz, Benson, and Torres?’ RapeyK responded by sputtering, turning pink and acting stupid.


    The video is worth watching.

    He did not answer. Regardless, you could tell the question had relevance, but how?

    It turns out RapeyK met with Kasowitz, Trump’s attorney, (easy to forget Kasowitz is part of the Kasowitz Benson and Torres law firm.) and shortly thereafter his $200 thousand in credit card debt disappeared.

    And I had been yelling at my TV, “ASK HIM ABOUT THE $200k!” …She was.

    The Many Mysteries of Brett Kavanaugh’s Finances – Mother Jones

    *Special thanks to Senator Lee for the short break and lesson on how law firms are like rabbits.

    There is more to this GOP boys club… it looks and smells like a conspiracy.

    Please welcome two new cast members to our RapeyK Shit Show: Ed Whelan and Garret Ventry. 👏🏻👏🏿👏🏾👏👏🏽👏🏻👏🏼

    Spokesperson for Grassley’s Judiciary Committee hearings resigns over sexual harassment allegations: report

    Garrett Ventry has been in the news this week. He abruptly resigned from his position as spokesperson for GrASSley and the Judiciary Committee. He resigned because his past caught up with him, as pasts tend to do. (Said past included sexual harassment allegations.)

    Ventry had been hired by the GOP through a PR firm, CRC Public Relations.

    That firm also worked with… Ed Whelan.

    PR firm helped Whelan stoke half-baked Kavanaugh alibi

    Ed Whelan was the creative genius behind RapeyK’s 4th alibi.

    Alibis to date:

    1. He wasn’t there.

    2. What party? (Yes, in that order.)

    3. I don’t know her.

    4. (And Whelan’s baby:) “White guys at prep school look alike, so it wasn’t RapeyK, it was this guy.”

    It looks like Whelan searched the yearbook to find the picture that most closely resembled RapeyK’s, and that was how they chose the random guy they accused. (lawsuit?) Never mind that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford had known RapeyK prior to the incident, and says she 100% did not mistake him.

    Stay with me.

    RapeyK says that wasn’t an alibi anyone helped him with… especially not the PR firm hired by the White House.

    Ed Whelan’s Troubles Might Be Just Beginning

    Whelan and RapeyK deny they conspired to come up with that story… got it, okay. Bullshit. Remember, RapeyK is a serial liar.

    Kavanaugh ally says he did not communicate with White House or Supreme Court nominee about theory of another attacker

    The bigger question is— WTF What is GrASSley’s role in this? Was he directly involved in the smear campaign against Dr Ford? Was the firm he hired behind the hacking and death threats?

    RapeyK could have used his old friends who hacked the Democratic Senators e-mails in 2002.

    The GOP (boys club) is protecting RapeyK in so many ways.

    Senator GrASSley continues to call this a “he said, she said situation.” Meanwhile he directs his effort to making it a “he said she said situation.”

    This case has evidence:

    • Circumstantial evidence, other students’ accounts and putting him at the party, etc.
    • Contemporaneous evidence, the notes her therapists took years ago when she discussed the experience, a marriage counselor’s notes from years back, having told her husband about the attack years before.

    GrASSley is refusing to allow evidence to be a part of the hearing. (boys club)

  • Dr Christine Blasey Ford wants the other man who was in the room and played a part in the attack, Mark Judge, to testify, but he doesn’t want to. They will not subpoena him. (boys club)
  • Mark Judge, other man in room, won’t testify about Christine Blasey Ford’s Brett Kavanaugh claim – Washington Times

    More facts:

    At the time of the attack, RapeyK’s mother worked for the Maryland State’s Attorney’s office. (More reason for a 15 year old girl to keep the attack to herself.)

    Two days ago, Republican Maryland Governor Hogan, says there will be no investigation of Kavanaugh allegations on a state level. (boys club)

    Gov. Hogan rules out state police investigation of Kavanaugh allegations

    Also two days ago, the Maryland police chief says he is prepared to investigate’ Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual assault.

    Maryland police chief ‘prepared to investigate’ Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual assault

    So who are you going to believe?

    I don’t know who I believe, but Governor Hogan is up for re-election in two months, Ford has waited this long, what’s two more months?

    It’s not difficult to connect the dots from RapeyK to the GOP and Trump/Russia. None of this will end well for these guys.

    I hope November 6 is a fair election.

    * UPDATE—

    *A new story with allegations, by a Yale classmate of Kavanaugh’s, regarding a sexual assault. This is the Jane Meyer and Ronan Farrow story mentioned above.

    The link below to a story just published in the New Yorker is a must read. The most compelling information, in my opinion, is offered not by the woman who was assaulted, but by an ex-girlfriend of Mark Judge, “the other guy in the room.” Please read to the end.

    Senate Democrats Investigate a New Allegation of Sexual Misconduct, from the Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s College Years, by His Yale Classmate Deborah Ramirez

    9 thoughts on “RapeyK Practicing the Truth

      1. I saw that picture on twitter and reported it. It was obviously not the same woman. The New Yorker just released a story about another woman with allegations. If you read the article the most disturbing part is what an ex-girlfriend of Mark Judge says he confided in her. I’ll attach it to this post now.

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    1. What?? Not discounting the importance of the sexual assault allegations at all, but some of this stuff seems even more damning…. What is it with the GOP guys and the unethical hacking and spying? They’re disgusting.

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      1. The GOP has rushed these proceedings through, before the National Archives can produce the remaining 90% of his records. They claim it would take until the end of October to gather all the files, so they weren’t requested. This is by design.
        The man is as corrupt as Trump, and soon will have as many women accusing him of sexual assault as Trump does. Four women are now accusing him.
        Kavanaugh and his wife are being interviewed on fox, playing the victims, and the GOP is saying this is a “smear campaign,” and they’re still planning for the Thursday hearing with only Dr Ford and Kavanaugh, no witnesses. At this rate who knows what will happen by Thursday.
        Those old men have got to go.

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