Zuckerberg Bumps Buffett out of Third

“Your privacy is important to us”.

Our privacy is important to Mark Zuckerberg, because he sells it. It made him the third richest subhuman in the world.

Via his baby, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg pimped out your private data, and played a part in helping Russia install Trump in the White House.

He sold your data to Cambridge Analytica, just one of his Johns, despite government warnings to him about Russia using Facebook to spread fake news. That information was used to target fake news stories to the appropriate audience.

But he wants your trust.

He has always appreciated your private data, as far back as 2002:

Fact-checking Facebook CEO Zuckerberg’s testimony

Facebook has compromised us all, and made Zuckerberg, a man without ethics, the third richest human (impersonator) in the world.

Mark Zuckerberg Tops Warren Buffett to Become the World’s Third-Richest Person

Warren Buffet and Zuckerberg could not be more different. Buffet is a philanthropist, a good guy who stands out among his peers. Zuckerberg is a cliché villain.

The good guys always win in the end, Zuck.

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