The Emotioal Range of Donald Trump

A pungent stench of hypocrisy adubrates Donald Trump, like a cloud of magots on roadkill. I am not referring to his golf weekends today, I’m talking about the rationalization of his bombing of Syria’s airport cafeteria. 

After the missile strike one of his enablers said:

He had been “absolutely sickened by the images of babies, little babies, as the enraged president put it, dying slow, torturous deaths. No one needed to mention that Trump’s eighth grandchild, Theodore, the son of his daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, is just one year old, and had first begun to crawl in the White House earlier this year. Trump’s emotion was real—and raw.”

I’ve addressed in previous posts my opinion that if it truly was the “babies, the little babies,” that prompted the action, Trump would have done something real to assist them, i.e. offering humanitarian aid, giving refugees sanctuary. He didn’t. Yes, I’m among the faction that believes this was a diversionary maneuver that Russia was in on, the hopeful outcome being— people would forget that Trump works for Putin, and it might help his dismal approval ratings. It seems to have worked on both counts. 

What I want to address today is the hi-lighted paragraph above. Imagine if you will a world in which America had a president who was a woman…come on try. If she were to say anything remotely similar to those tear-jerking comments above the news would be filled with misogynistic comments about emotional females, impulsivity, etc. Trump however is not criticized for his impulsive, emotional (if you believe it) unconstitutional attack.

My questions are to those who blindly applaud Trump’s ($90 million- of which he profits) missile strike— What if Trump is “absolutely sickened” by something else? What if his caddy gives him the wrong club, or if his spray tanner is out of orange? What kind of safeguards are there to ensure mister impulsive doesn’t go nuclear? Are those safeguards enforced by his backup enablers? Can those safeguards be ignored in the same way Donald Trump ignored the constitutional requirement that he get approval from congress before any missile strikes? 

Well, worry not fair citizens—it was all fake.

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