Trump and Syria

While U.S. borders turn away refugees, war crimes are taking place in Syria. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s use of illegal chemical weapons to attack civilians on Tuesday prompted an immediate response from Donald Trump— who responded by calling it “reprehensible”. 
Five syllables— a big word for him, more than twice the size of the words in his usual vocabulary. So does that mean…anything? Does the bigly word mean he’s going to do…something? No, because in the same breath he blamed former president Obama’s “weak” policies on Syria for Tuesday’s events. Somebody tell this jackass he’s president now. As much as we wish it wasn’t so, President Obama has been out of office for nearly three months. 

Today’s lesson is for little Donald Trump. Perhaps someone can to read it to him.

  • In 2013, President Assad used chemical weapons on civilians much like he did this week. 
  • In response, President Obama threatened military action. 
  • Assad then surrendered stockpiles of chemical weapons and hasn’t used them since. 
  • Now we have you in office. You have made it clear that you will not do anything that might insult Russia.
  • Russia is Assad’s closest powerful ally. 
  • Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said the U.S. will not be involved in any attempts to remove Assad from power.

(Tillerson: former CEO of ExonMobile, given his current job without experience with hopes of lifting sanctions against Russia so all involved can move forward with their $500 billion oil deal.) 

  • Tuesday, Assad used chemicals against civilians once again.
  • You and your Republican supporters blame Obama’s “weakness”.

On Wednesday, Russia’s defence ministry claimed it wasn’t chemical warfare, but the Syrian strike hit a warehouse containing “toxic substances”— no one believes that.

The Union of Medical Care Organisations says at least 400 people were injured, and over 100 have been killed.
Donald, maybe you should let somebody else be president now. 

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