Priebus Asks FBI to Deny (lie)/ Trump Tweets About Leakers

White House chief of staff Reince Priebus asked FBI official, deputy director Andrew McCabe, to dispute reports that Trump campaign officials were in frequent contact with Russian intelligence agents prior to the election. 
Apparently the FBI declined the invitation to lie, sparking the newest crybaby Trump tweets demanding the “leakers” be found. 

These tweets raise some questions. 

  1. Who is he talking to? Is he asking twitter users to find the “leakers”?
  2. These leaks are not new. Remember this past summer when he himself encouraged leaks against his opponent? 
  3. I thought he likes leakers—pays to watch them in Russian hotel rooms.
  4. Is it really a good idea to disparage an agency that can take you down? 

I believe he means these leaks could have a devastating effect on him. The U.S. can only benefit from putting an end to the careers of treasonous politicians. 

February 24, 2017

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6 thoughts on “Priebus Asks FBI to Deny (lie)/ Trump Tweets About Leakers

  1. “Faking news”?
    Yes, this must end. I believe that the Americans are tired of being fooled. Trump and the boys are not used to do things the right way. And they’re not used to people discovering it.

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  2. I like how he says in his tweets that ‘classified information is being given to the media’… the SAME media he accuses of being ‘Fake News’? It’s hilarious and frightening all at the same time.

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