The Emperor-elect

Once upon a time on a blue planet called earth, by virtue of an antiquated voting system, a bad man was appointed Emperor-elect, even though he did not win the popular vote. Leaders from all around the blue plant, who had once criticized the six time bankruptcy filing, misogynistic sexually assaulting, racist, business fraud, elitist billionaire Emperor-elect, now gathered around him and proclaimed: “Congratulations on your new position.”

Although the Emperor-elect’s competence was truly invisible to those who fact checked everything he said, no one uttered a word to the man who would soon have the nuclear codes. They all were in fear of the Emperor-elect who frequently proclaimed on twitter that all who said his competence was invisible were: unfit for their positions, stupid, fat, ugly, wrong, and they would be fired. 

Soon, the Emperor-elect assembled his regime, surrounding himself with small minded people like himself: people who didn’t care at all about the blue planet (who said climate change was a hoax), other racists (who agreed with his plans of registries and walls and deportation), anti-Semites (Bannon/Hitler’s doppelgänger), misogynists (who wanted to take away women’s rights and choices), abusers of women (who normalize sexual assault), homophobes (intent on stripping human rights from the LGBT community), a loud mouthed jackass (Rudy Giuliani), his spawn (regardless of anti-nepotism laws). All these people would send the blue planet into rapid decline…then reward themselves with power, and tax breaks for themselves (the blue planets wealthiest people), after stripping health benefits from the elderly and children (my mom, and yours.)

The Emperor-elect tweeted nonsense to his subjects after his electoral win, but no one dared to stand up and say they didn’t see any value in his plans so far, for they too lived in fear that they would be seen as: unfit for their positions, stupid, fat, ugly, wrong, and they would be fired. 

Finally, a voice from the left side of a crowd of citizens could be heard…it was a little Bernie Sanders who cried out, “But he isn’t accomplishing anything good for America at all!” And the nation heard him! And they cried out: “This is all total bullshit!” And the members of the electoral college and all the inhabitants of the blue planet were finally united as a population with a common enemy…the Emperor-elect.
The End

~a lot from Lydia


If you would like to sign the petition asking the members of the electoral college to consider the numbers when they cast their votes on December 19, 2016 the link is attached. This has become the most popular petition of all time on, and the fastest growing ever. Add your name to the list.

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November 20, 2016

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