I don’t even care anymore. Today’s National Day Calendar celebrates: “Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day” If only I felt like celebrating. Instead I curse everything that is national. I want no part in celebrating a nation that would have a fascist who did not win the popular vote as president. 

Protests continue this weekend, as many more citizens than I feel the injustice of an electoral voting system which regardless of the fact that Hillary Clinton’s lead in popular votes is well over two million, has determined Donald Trump won the United States presidential election.

Protesters have met with the following response from Donald Trump, who tweeted: “very unfair“— Honestly, is that the most presidential rejoinder this evil man-child can come up with?

Inauguration Day is January 20, 2016…the date his regime becomes official. I wonder how long it will be before they start rounding up the people who have publicly denounced him? Perhaps I should get my affairs in order in preparation for my imprisonment.

It may not come to that though. I still hold out a slim hope that on December 19, 2016 the members of the electoral college will not cast their votes for Trump, but instead cast their votes for the person with the popular vote- Clinton…and if they can’t get themselves to vote Clinton, perhaps they’ll abstain from voting altogether. This is still America, which was founded on Democracy. Relax- I realize that we are a republic, but we are a republic formed with the principles of democracy. Democracy is the rule of the majority and Donald Trump lost the popular vote.

Now, please pass the anchovies.


Incase you haven’t signed it, this is a link to sign the petition telling the members of the United States electoral college that we want a democratic vote—

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15 thoughts on “Trumperica

    1. To be perfectly honest, I think the chances of changing the outcome of the election regardless of the number of signatures accred are impossibly slim. That shouldn’t keep us from trying, and from demanding to be heard. To answer your question if somehow it does work there will be more violence and demonstrations and division-that is thanks to Donald Trump who stirred up and validated hate.

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      1. I think there would of course be violence. I just wrote an article with a quote “I’d rather the snake on the road than the snake in the grass”. It was said by a black man who was born and raised in rural America then moved to a big city in his 60’s. I think all Trump has done has moved a lot of snakes out of the grass and into the road. The divide continues to widen, I believe to come together we have to have compassion and truly start living each others experiences, really step into the shoes of others, even those whose views you dispise.

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  1. feeling your pain… went to the rally on the 19th at my state capitol. hoping so much that some of the electors are just being coy…. January 6th… that’s the day their officially counted…

    In the meantime, Trump is trying really hard to get disqualified. Hope the Republicans wake up.

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  2. To best understand the State of Trumperica, under the mismanagement of TrumpCo., pay attention–very, VERY carefully–to the last line, of the first stanza, of our National Anthem:
    “O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?”

    Yes, judging by that scary, and final punctuation mark, perhaps Francis Scott Key gazed into the future and, when he did, added that one change from the original version. Remember, he truly original version of the Anthem was under fire, at Fort McHenry. Hence, if you do a computer search, note the QUESTION MARK!

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