Between ISPs

As of now I’m in limbo

Between ISP’s

It’s a transitional phase

Since I quit AT&T 

Disconnected I am…

This is day two

And my poor distraught son

How he suffers—IT’S TRUE

With me as his mom

You might surmise

One can’t pick one’s family

That’s not a surprise

No wifi or games 

Work on his Xbox

Netflix— a no

He’s sickened with shock

History  writing 


If he cared about homework

He’d really be sick

I could have lived with a hike

Of a dollar or two

But they doubled my rate 

AT&T so we’re through

The nerve they have

To disrupt my life

If I had the power

I’d make them my wife

I do mean that 

In the best possible way

Pardon my tirade 

This is not a good day

I’m just one among many

In this vast bourgeoisie

So, I am calling for action 

Dear people I can’t see

Let’s stand together 

And quit them all

AT&T, comcast…

All corporations not small

We can picket outside 

Where we’ll be seen

Alert the media…how?

That remains to be seen

My resources have plopped 

Because unlike yesterday

With no connection I’m powerless 

So disregard …have a good day. 😉

September6, 2016, Daily Prompt: Plop~ <a href=””>Plop</a&gt;

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