The Clothes I Wear

In contemplation of the vast cavernous void that once contained a fair amount of classic basic wardrobe pieces, and some more hip, edgy items, the right side of my closet makes me sad. I consider where I went wrong. 

In contrast, the left side of my closet is full, but what I see there is a depressing sea of monochromatic polyester—my work uniform. While I understand the advantages of not having to worry about what to wear, I resent the deprivation, the appropriation of my individuality. I miss the creative outlet, the freedom of expression that comes with choosing my own distinct clothes. My freak flag hangs limp on an impotent pole. This may not be communist Russia, but I am oppressed by an establishment that frowns upon any hint of identity behind the facade the uniform projects. 

I work five days a week, and although the days and hours vary, I’m away from home in said attire for an average of fifteen hours at a time. I live in that distressing dressing. When My work day ends I peel off that plastic shell with the same disgust one would have scraping dog poop off a shoe. If I’m feeling super human, I put on my workout gear, but more often than not I opt for the comfort of sweat pants and my thread bare mom T-shirt. I dress this way only with the knowledge that no one is home, other than my children who can’t see me past the mom invisibility cloak. 

My day off costume is fairly consistent: one of several black tops, the same pair of black jeans, and black ankle boots, which I accessorize with a black travel mug filled with black coffee to match my black mood. 

I shake off the vague memories of clothes with splashes color, clothes that fit me properly. I pull my gaze away from the right side closet. I could go through old photo albums to boost my memory of the missing items, or I could search for them. Those abused items lay scattered the floors of Thing One and Thing Two’s bedrooms. 

They’ll be off to college in the fall, and I might just rebuild my wardrobe. Once I’ve rebuilt my wardrobe my life will undoubtedly follow.

April 18, 2016, Daily One Word Prompt: Closet~

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2 thoughts on “The Clothes I Wear

  1. Rebuilding your closet is a great way to ‘rebuild your day-to-day life’. Putting on clothes that make me feel good makes me feel happy. This is exactly why I’d rather go shopping once in a blue moon and buy a bunch of new things instead of going shopping every two weeks and buy one or two pieces.

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    1. It’s been a long time since I’ve really shopped for myself. My two girls and I wear the same size, so what’s mine is theirs whether I like it or not. Soon I’ll be shopping for myself for real though. It does make me feel good to be dressed well. 😉

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