*Breaking* Fashion Trend Alert:

As hipsters claim high waisted relaxed fit jeans, skinny jeans have become the new "mom jeans."  You knew? I am always last. Time to resign myself to the mom look. My futility has become a humiliation. (I might have picked up on this when my old jeans disappeared from my closet.) *Source- eye witness account. … Continue reading *Breaking* Fashion Trend Alert:

Ivanka Steal Your Designs

Once a Princess with a pea brain Sold shoes cashing in on her name Someone filed a lawsuit Claimed her shoes and her boots Copied his — well they do look the same.                                 ~ Her attorneys argued on behalf … Continue reading Ivanka Steal Your Designs

Something Borrowed

"Something borrowed" implies  "something" will be returned If there is one hard lesson  in this life that I've learned It's that when you birth girls  who share your clothes size You must give up...  wardrobe struggles and realise Until the day they grow up  and they move out What's yours will be their's,  and without … Continue reading Something Borrowed

The Clothes I Wear

In contemplation of the vast cavernous void that once contained a fair amount of classic basic wardrobe pieces, and some more hip, edgy items, the right side of my closet makes me sad. I consider where I went wrong.  In contrast, the left side of my closet is full, but what I see there is … Continue reading The Clothes I Wear

Looking Down

In life there are some things that people are willing to risk their health over, stubbornly ignoring statistics, reason, and common sense. Some people smoke cigarettes, some people drink to excess, some people eat fried snickers bars at carnivals. I am no different. My bad is the high heeled shoe.  Why would a person who … Continue reading Looking Down

My Pink Flag

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Think Pink and all that... I am a "winter" in the color charts which means that by law I am required to wear vibrant bold colors, not the pink which would demonstrate my awareness of breast cancer and my corresponding support of those who have been stricken.  Pink is … Continue reading My Pink Flag