What I Learned From My Cab Driver Dad

For many years, my dad made his living driving a cab in Chicago. When I turned fifteen, like it or not, he taught me a thing or two about driving. The circle of life continues, as my sons pilgrimage toward the world of licensed drivers is in sight. As such it is incumbent on me to complete his drivers education by passing on to him, our family legacy of driving like a big city cabbie: 

• Don’t let other drivers intimidate you. Never give a thought to what’s going on behind you. If someone wants to tailgate, the best revenge is not to notice. The rearview mirror is required by law, but don’t ever use it. As in life, focus on where you’re going…but do pull over for flashing lights and sirens.

• When driving in urban areas, lay on the horn…a lot. The light isn’t getting any greener, and you’ve got shit to do. 

• When you pass someone who doesn’t know how to drive like a cabbie, crane your neck until you’ve made eye contact, then shake your head in disgust. You are teaching them humility.

• A yellow light means hit the gas, but before you do, make sure the car in front of you has not stopped. Along the same lines, you can’t drive faster than the car in front of you.

• You own the street. If you need to change lanes, use your turn signal and go. Don’t wait for someone to let you in. As in life, if you want to get anywhere, you have to make your own openings. People aren’t always going to do the right thing. 

• And finally, if everyone in your car is not riddled with anxiety, you are not driving aggressively enough. Peel out when the light turns green. Gun it until you are 4mph above the speed limit, and then hold your speed there. Don’t brake too soon, but when you do, brake like you want to stop. Motion sickness bags should be provided for squeamish passengers. 

The Daily Prompt, March 10, 2016: Legacy~<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/legacy/”>Legacy</a&gt;

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