Abject Freedom

Trapped in routine
Cornered by a job
Deceived in a marriage
To an unfaithful slob

Ensnared by a mortgage
Or the car that you drive 
Hooked on the food
That keeps you alive

The objects you own
Your objects of affection
Have you trapped in a life
That can’t hold your attention

The answer it seems 
Is to let it all go
The job car and spouse 
And all that you know

All the impedimenta 
That business is selling
Objects to object to
Shackles so compelling 

The idea of freedom 
Puts me at ease
The reality of it
Is freedom comes in degrees

A weekend a vacation
Clocking out at end of the day
Until you retire 
You exist for your pay 

Pray for your health
When that time you meet 
Or live abject freedom 
In a cardboard house on the street

March 9, 2016, The Daily Prompt: Object~<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/object/”>Object</a&gt;

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