Will You Slow Down!

There is something about New York that makes me a little, I don’t know— intense. This week, using the excuse that one of my daughters wanted to visit NYU, we took yet another trip to that former residence of mine, my wanna be home away from home, Gotham, The City That Never Sleeps, The Empire City, The Center of the Universe, America’s Mecca, The Big Apple—I ❤️ New York.   
This travel party consisted of my two collegable daughters, my sister who is a frequent travel companion, and her son- my nephew. My son is not a fan of big city life, so he did not join us.   

The weather was as it should be mid-August: thick and hot— soupy. The sun did make an occasional appearance, and came out again for the curtain call. I carried an umbrella, a wrap, and sunglasses, and used all three.  

Typically, when I visit New York, I like to hit the ground running, and when I say running, I mean a really long, really fast run. I “walk” like I have someplace to go because… I’ve got someplace to go!   

I admit this is a flaw of mine, the pace I set, and the fact that I am so easily annoyed with those who impede my speed. My would be travel companions, must disclose any medical conditions that will keep them from keeping up, well in advance. 

This was the case on this trip: “You will need to slow down.” She pre-warns. My sister hates to “rush”. I don’t see it as rushing, I see it as— if I want to walk slow I’ll go to Walmart on a Saturday, but she has a right to her (wrong) opinion. On every visit to New York in which she has joined me, she has acted as a ball and chain clamped to my ankle. “Will you slow down!” The voice from behind bellows repeatedly as she holds onto the stitch cramping her side.   
I get it. I need a handicap. She needs an advantage. I don’t want to lap anyone, especially not the person footing a good chunk of the bill for this trip, so I decided that my wearing four inch heels will give her a fair chance at keeping up. It didn’t work on the last visit, but this time I had a long talk with New York me, and we decided that four inch heels a half size smaller might do the trick, if New York me makes a concerted effort to slow down, or I could try walking backwards, while trying to avoid manholes.   
Day One: We arrive early in the day, and drop our bags at our Greenwich Village hotel near NYU. I am in my fitted four inch heels. We visit the school, have lunch, tour the area, Washington Square Park, have a very good con-Fusion dinner at SushiSamba, walk to Pier 49 to watch the sun set on the Hudson River, and call it a day… one.  

I will not admit that my feet hurt, although I do admit that I would have benefitted from my cushiony inserts. I was not asked to slow down, so I would call this day a success.  

Day two: my calves are killing me, but no one has to know. Walking miles essentially en pointe has done some damage. I borrow some flat sandals from Thing One, (my oldest), and my handicap today is an actual handicap. Walking hurts, but as with anything unpleasant in my life, I ignore it and power on. Today is breakfast, followed by a quest to find the Belvedere Castle in Central Park. Walking and more walking.   

One should not visit New York in the summer without a visit to Central Park. I am always amazed at its size, and I’m sure that in all my visits I’ve only conquered a fraction of it. We had some trouble finding the castle, but as we approached the general vicinity, we followed the haunting sound of a musician playing an Er-hu at the Castle entry.     

Back to the hotel to shower and dress for the Theater, required activity for all trips to New York… showering and theater. Somehow I ended up back in my heels. We hopped on the subway heading toward the chaos that is Time Square. The signage in the subway car sheds light on what is apparently a problem in New York subway cars these days…   

“The Book of Mormon” was as advertised, hilarious. We finished day two with some Mexican food. I am exhausted. My legs ache, my feet are just tired. I think I have been cured of my too fast walking problem, but tomorrow is another day. 

The Daily Post, August 14, 2015, Daily Prompt: Breakdown ~ Tell us about a habit you’d like to break. Is there any way it can play a positive role in your life?<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/breakdown/”>Breakdown</a><a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/breakdown/”>Breakdown</a&gt;

6 thoughts on “Will You Slow Down!

  1. Going there in Oct, and alos with a sister. 3 days of a lot of running around, but so looking forward to it. She’s been several times, and recently, but I’ve not been for almost 20 years. So, this post was fun to read. Can’t wait!

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